Tracking Events within the ApeVerse with A.C.T. (ApeCoin Tracker)

I’ve made this forum post to inform the other members about this fully functional Integration which I’ve built to help facilitate the coordination between important spaces within the ApeVerse and the Members who’d love to contribute more towards the discussion over there.

Will make some changes to the way I’ve implemented it but that won’t affect the User Experience. It’s like a fire and forget missile, but it isn’t a missile : )

Here’s how you do it →

For iOS :

1. Open Calendar

2. Click on calendars on the Bottom middle part of the screen

3. Select 'Add Calendar' -> Subscription Calender

4. Add in Airtable link and click Subscribe

5. Boom, That's all

Link →

Images for Reference :

Result :

Note : Do not Tap on the link and click add calendar when prompted to add 17 events, you won’t be updated if the timeline for those events shift in the future. Follow the steps put forth above.

For Android →

  1. Go to →

  2. Click on Other Calendars

  3. Select From URL

  4. Add in the link → → Add Calendar
    Note : The URL ends with Locale=en-gb

  5. That’s all Folks !!


Result :

Ignore the timezone difference, It’ll be adjusted automagically to fit your time zone.

For Microsoft →

Since @adventurousape is having issues with this, I’ll look more closely into this and update this in time

me omw to tactically acquire a Microsoft device

Edit : Here’s the Process :heart:

  1. Go to outlook calendar → Outlook
  2. Click on Add Calendar, right above My Calendars.

  1. Select “Subscribe from Web”
  2. Add in the Airtable URL and click on Import
    Boom, That’s it frens

Url →

Result :

Here’s what’ll greet you in a couple of minutes. :people_hugging:

This is calibrated for my Timezone (+5:30 GMT || +9:30 EST)

Why this approach ?

Sometimes the simplest implementation is also the best implementation.

This was the simplest implementation which would let us modify those records and that being reflected on the calendar itself. This ensures even if schedules change, the people can be notified.

I’ve done some validation testing and have derived that the changes made to the main db will be replicated within 5 minutes. That’s decent enough :man_shrugging:

This allows the user to stay upto date with all events happening within the ApeVerse and integrate this directly into their existing calendar apps , without having to put in a lot of effort for a custom implementation.

One could tie it up to a user facing website to display this information on a website proper. If anyone wants to tie this db within to their own integration, just hit me up and I'll help ya wherever I can.

Full Disclosure : I’m thinking of creating a template to tie this into atm but haven’t started work on it. Feel free to build around it, just include a thanks for me :sparkling_heart:

Update Log : Added in a note and Import directions for Microsoft Outlook users. Hope this helps, Anky out :call_me_hand:

Update 2 : Added functionality for event coordination between various sub communities within our fold

Here’s the link for it : Regional Apes


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Hi @CEOofWeb3.0,

Thanks for sharing the information about your integration for tracking events within the ApeVerse. It’s great to see the community coming up with solutions to make coordination easier.

I appreciate the detailed steps you provided for iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices. I’m sure this will be helpful for members who want to stay updated on the events happening within the ApeVerse.

I’m curious, do you specialize in APIs and data fetching?

Thanks again for sharing this with the community, and I look forward to seeing more innovations from you in the future.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Heya Mista :people_hugging:

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.

I’ll update the Microsoft one, I cannot test it rn so no steps unfortunately. I might find an awesome vid tutorial and add it in.

I’m trying to integrate additional functionality which allows the user to choose which events they wanna follow and If that is worth doing over the other options.

A significant part of the data I’m using for the ACT tech stack is fetched from an API which use different authorisation methods, some query the data in a different way so I can say that I have experience with various different styles of APIs.

And I’m super good at figuring stuff out on my own when it comes to solving problems.

I look forward to showcasing more integrations I am working on right now.


Let’s fawking Gauuurrrrr !!

Nice one … Let’s Goooo!!!

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Hope this helps you guys in any way. That’s my aim :saluting_face:


Good one there CEO … aim on point :sunglasses: :+1:

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Amazing. TY mate. LFG

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This is great! It wasn’t clear to me in aip-233 that you were going to do this before the aip passed. Keep up the great work!


Awesome work! And really simple to understand instructions :ok_hand:t2:

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@CEOofWeb3.0 I just tried to add this to my google cal in chrome on macOS and it says the URL is invalid. Does it not work in chrome?

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Send me an SS over at disc

:point_up: I’ll help ya troubleshoot, holla me @ disc

Some stuff I was dealing with completed earlier than expected and I got some free time to get that through so I pushed through and validated that it was working.

My goal was to keep it simple both on the backend and the User side of things.

Just trying to help fellow DAO members :sparkles:

Glad to hear that Boatt

Had the same problem so I added to Apple Calendar

Thanks for sharing and really appreciate the effort you have put into setting this up :+1: :saluting_face:


Boatt, This is the url →

Bojangle accidentally included the space and the number 4 at the end (idk why it keeps showing up)

Works on both though :saluting_face:

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Thanks fren, Hope it helps. Will scale it up next