Tropical Storm / Category 1 Hurricane / Storm Formation Warning

:rotating_light: Plan for potential disruption to Cartan Group and Cayman Islands from Category 1 Hurricane

TLDR: Cartan Group, the admin function for Ape Foundation, is headquartered in the Cayman Islands. On Monday 26th September a Category 1 hurricane is expected to land. This post alerts the community and details our plan to mitigate any disruption- including via off-island team members.

The National Hurricane Center is advising that the broad area of low pressure located in the Caribbean sea south-southwest of Jamaica is showing signs of organization and conditions are conducive for additional development.

It is expected that a Category 1 hurricane will form on Monday, September 26, 2022 and modeling indicates that the Cayman Islands will be directly in the path. This will mean that the Cayman Islands will be under Hurricane watch over the weekend and into early next week. Cayman is expected to begin feeling the effects of heavy rain and high wind speeds late Sunday and into Monday.

The potential loss of power and internet connectivity will pose a risk to our ability to provide services during and directly after the storm. Our offices are equipped with power generators, battery backups and hurricane rated windows. In a worse case scenario, we may be without the internet for an extended period of time. As part of our disaster recovery and business continuity plan (that will go into immediate effect in any service disruption scenario), we will have some team members off island and in a safe service area.

We will continue to update this channel as the situation unfolds.

Currently there is a severe weather bulletin in effect and the Cayman Islands National Weather Service is urging residents to prepare for locally heavy rainfall and flooding and very rough seas which will begin to affect the Cayman Islands over the weekend and into next week.

Residents of the Cayman Islands should use the time this morning to prepare for the possibility of Category 1 Hurricane force conditions immediately hitting the island.


Thank you for letting us know about it… stay safe :pray:

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