Tweet aggregation using @Apecointracker : ACT Stack v2.0


Using a script, we can listen for mentions and sort for specific keywords to trigger a certain action or a set of actions one after the other.

It differentiates between different types of queries by searching for distinct keywords or a combination of keywords

For example : We currently have 3 distinct actions which get triggered under different circumstances.

  • Command 1 → Help @apecointracker : Triggers RaG pipeline
    If you need help with a query, just do this
  • Command 2 → Cover this space @apecointracker : Triggers Spaces retrieval script
    If a space (outside the ACT coverage) is covering a topic relevant to the ecosystem, one can do this and we’ll include it in. The spaces will be screened for relevance and if found, they’ll be assimilated. The script extracts the audio along with its relevant attributes and metadata.
  • Command 3 → Capture this Tweet / Thread @apecointracker : Triggers Tweet extraction script
    Automatically detects if its a tweet or a thread, then extracts the tweet(s) along with its relevant attributes and metadata and stores it in a database. Saves a tonne of computational time in the long term.

Anyone on twitter can use this functionality, all you have to do is mention them as shown above

That said, it can be augmented to meet the needs of the expanding ecosystem and we plan on adding additional functionality to it in the near future.

Status : Complete :white_check_mark:

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know. Suggest a feature here or down in the comments


So happy to see your entire growth with ACT Stack all this time bro!

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Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Do Check out The Data Aggregation Pipeline post, you’ll love that as well :saluting_face:

@CEOofWeb3.0 can you show an example with screengrabs on how this works. Love to know more about it.