Understanding the roles & responsibilities of Ape Foundation

I read the recent proposal for a 3 month extension of the Cartan Group LLC at a rate of $150,000 per month. I am ok with this extension because we only have 23 days left until the expiration of their contract and logistically there is too much value at risk to quickly shift to an unknown party without a proper onboarding procedure.

My proposal is that if we agree to extend their contract that we do so with the following guidelines

  1. Disclosure of Roles, Duties and day to day activities. At a top level what are the big picture goals. At a granular level what are the day to day responsibilities. If the role is legally heavy or tech heavy we need to know to elect a person or business to handle those duties.

  2. A gameplan for how we select a new person or entity after 3 months. My gut feeling is that given the gravity of this role this need to be a thoughtful process, and that the DAO should have an option at our choice to have an additional 3 month extension of the team so that we don’t find ourselves in a rush and randomly pick an unqualified entity

  3. Once a new person or entity is selected a 30 day overlap to fully onboard that new person or team, familiarize the new party with the players as well as public and private dynamics. Even this feels a bit fast but we need to have a thoughtful handoff process in place

-Thanks for listening…

Josh Bobrowsky

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I agree. 23 days is way too fast to make a decision of this magnitude. Having the information and a game plan like you laid out above is a great idea.

Not saying I want to remove the board members (I believe we should keep at least keep a majority of them) but in the event we do decide we want to replace one, having a good plan and process already in place is definitely needed.

After finding out the roles & responsibilities of each Special Council member, a specific game plan can be laid out for each. Like you mentioned above, it is a much different task of replacing a technical person vs. one specializing in brand relations, legal, or partnerships.


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