🧠 Unified Content Indexing : ACT stack 2.0

Draft 1 (Part of ACT Stack 2.0)

What is Content Indexing ? :thinking:

It’s a way to access relevant data about specific topics across a range of information discussed over a vast domain (of platforms)

Unified Content Indexing : Hivemind :gorilla::brain: (or monkey brain idk)

Think of it as a central Library which houses all the discussions which are held. The content inside which would be sorted accordingly and would be searchable using our search engine.

By keeping all Transcriptions and forum discussions and specific discord conversations in a single place one would be able to search through the content library for relevant discussions and then be able to refer to that particular discussion with the backlink for the forum discussion, discord thread or the audio transcription (space or assembly call) and the timings of that conversation in the future.

(think of an example let’s say of a twitter space let’s say where we discussed how the ape assembly would have to be structured → It’ll be archived, then transcribed which would then be added to the unified library)

Not only would the system be a great addition, but we won’t have to duplicate our efforts for it cause we would already have the data for it (if we implement the ACT completely)

Apart from the different pre processing of the same data and a couple architectural changes, we won’t have to do a lot more than that. (need to figure out how the backlinks would work)

The search engine would be powered by the Vector DataBase we create for the Ape Assistant and would run a similarity search using the cosine function to search for not just the keywords but also for the semantic meaning of the query wrt the content.

(see either if vector dot product or euclidian distance wold be better for our specific case of keyword search)

What would it Include ?

  • Searchable Audio Transcriptions + a backlink to the archive of the original discussion. Which then ties into Content Archiving including but not limited to the official channels, the channels for popular discourse around those specific channels etc.

and much more


Hi, @CEOofWeb3.0

would organize all the discussions, that’s great.


Don’t forget to propose this on Prop House too:

Deadline coming soon.

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