Update to Establishing a Long-Term DAO Governance Process

ApeCoin Fam,

Following the passage of AIP-113, the community and Foundation were collectively tasked with developing a long-term framework and process for DAO elections. Since its passage, we’ve been impressed with the thoughtfulness the community has shown through the discussions we’ve been a part of as well as what we’ve seen across Discourse.

In terms of next steps, we want to provide a status update: the Administration (Cartan) is currently streamlining the ideas we’re seeing from the community along with extensive research into existing decentralized governance systems elsewhere to put together an AIP Idea that we hope both reflects what we’re hearing from the community and provides a solid foundation for the future.

AIP-113 granted a three-month extension through December, but we think getting the ball rolling is important – so we’re planning to draft and share the AIP Idea with the community sometime in October.

It’s great to see a big uptick recently in AIP submissions and a lot of awesome projects being funded. We’re seeing some real momentum. We love hearing from you all about what you want the DAO to be and how you’d like its governance process to function. So please keep sharing and debating. We’ll continue to hold sessions to facilitate this but encourage the community-led Discourse posts and Twitter Spaces to continue.

We hope it’s helpful to know that someone is holding the pen on trying to consolidate the great thinking that’s ongoing into a formal AIP Idea that the community can discuss, amend, and eventually vote on.

Yours Apefully,

Ape Foundation


This is awesome! :raised_hands:

I can’t wait to see what your team puts together. :slight_smile:



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