@Uzi - Special Council Nomination 01/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Uzi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UzairOsman2

Country of Residence: United Kingdom

Educational Background:

Advancing Special Council stewardship with an Honors degree in Engineering, Chartered Surveyor credentials, and Project Management Professional® distinction, establishing a bedrock of excellence and meticulous precision:

I hold a BScEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and have attained MRICS status with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, an accomplishment that will soon culminate in a Fellowship. Additionally, my Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification from the Project Management Institute has solidified my expertise in managing complex projects with strategic finesse and a thorough grasp of risk management and brand creation.

Professional Background:

Elevating the Ape Foundation with seasoned leadership of multimillion-pound businesses to pioneering Web 3.0 adoption, I bring a strategic blend of innovation and proven governance to the Foundation:

In my executive capacity, I have served as the Managing Director at two pivotal businesses, driving significant transformations through strategic leadership. At Galliford Try, a £1 billion business, I lead the tech subsidiary and orchestrated a merger with nmcn plc, enhancing market agility and elevating profitability, while spearheading the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies to revolutionize our approach to national infrastructure protection.

At nmcn plc, my leadership as the Commercial Director was instrumental in expanding the Asset Security business, where I developed and executed a commercial strategy that substantially increased revenue and profit. In this role, I also executed a strategic merger, showcasing my ability to lead complex corporate integrations and operational enhancements.

My earlier roles as a Management Consultant and Contracts Manager at nmcn plc, and as a Project Manager at Kier Group, were characterized by the successful delivery of contracts and the implementation of robust project management processes that achieved significant cost savings. This extensive experience in overseeing business units has endowed me with a profound understanding of the intricacies of business operations and the governance acumen necessary for providing stewardship and oversight of the APE Foundation.

Through my consultancy, U3B, I have guided Web 2.0 companies in their transition to Web 3.0 and provided strategic advice to Web 3.0 startups, enhancing their operational effectiveness and strategic direction. Additionally, as a co-owner and Non-Executive Director of Ice Galleries, the first tokenized art gallery, I’ve contributed to the fusion of traditional artistry with the innovation of blockchain technology.

This blend of leadership in traditional industries and pioneering work in the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies demonstrates my ability to drive change, foster innovation, and lead organizations through complex transitions, skills that are directly applicable to the governance and strategic objectives of ApeCoin Foundation.

For full details, refer to my LinkedIn profile here: Uzair Osman PMP® MRICS - Galliford Try | LinkedIn

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

Championing simplicity and effectiveness, I offer my seasoned leadership to provide stewardship and oversight in the Ape Foundation’s Special Council, ensuring that our collective actions translate into actionable, value-driven outcomes, thereby elevating ApeCoin’s value:

My bid for the Special Council seat is built upon a bedrock principle of my business success: simplicity. With a substantial record of steering organizations through the complex terrains of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, I’ve mastered the craft of producing clear, tangible results.

In the SC role, my focus will be on the judicious oversight of AIPs, fostering their swift and effective implementation to maximize ApeCoin’s value within the overarching framework of the APE Foundation. My intent is to streamline complexity, ensuring our strategies are direct and transparent, our objectives well-defined, and our achievements measurable.

In addition to driving AIPs, I am deeply committed to ensuring regulatory adherence and strategic compliance, understanding that these are cornerstones for the sustained success and integrity of ApeCoin.

The simplicity of this strategic approach, combined with my extensive experience, positions me as an integral candidate to guide the Ape Foundation with prudence and acumen, propelling us towards a future of streamlined success and substantial outcomes.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

Blending a Legacy of Leadership with a Commitment to Give Back, Guiding ApeCoin Towards a Thriving Web 3.0 Future:

My journey through the evolution of the web has solidified my conviction in the transformative power of decentralisation—a principle that lies at the very heart of Web 3.0.

I am drawn to the Ape Foundation by a profound belief in the collective brilliance of its community and the boundless potential of what we can achieve together. My motivation is fueled by a desire to contribute my extensive experience in leading large-scale operations, my visionary approach to leadership, my robust approach to governance and my expertise in legal and commercial domains to a platform I deeply believe in.

ApeCoin has been instrumental in me buying my wife her dream house, and now, I aim to give back, dedicating my skills to ensure the DAO’s enduring success. I see a future where ApeCoin DAO exemplifies the highest ideals of Web 3.0—open, equitable, and thriving on the contributions of every member.

My goal is to be at the forefront, steering us toward that future with clarity, purpose, and a steadfast commitment to our shared vision.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

Bridging Pioneering Leadership with Blockchain Innovation for effective Ape Foundation Stewardship:

My candidacy for the Ape Foundation Special Council is anchored in a diverse professional background that spans strategic leadership, legal and commercial acumen, and a pioneering role in the adoption of blockchain technology. As a Managing Director, I have led in a billion-pound construction business, overseeing and implementing AI-driven solutions for national infrastructure. This experience has instilled in me a keen sense for operational excellence and strategic planning, vital for the stewardship of ApeCoin’s intricate ecosystem.

My transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 as a consultant has been marked by guiding traditional companies through digital transformation, a skill essential for fostering ApeCoin’s evolution in an ever-changing technological landscape. Additionally, my role as a co-owner and Non-Executive Director of an art gallery that embraced NFTs and tokenisation demonstrates my practical experience with the direct applications of blockchain technology in business and the arts.

With a strong foundation in legal and commercial governance, I am well-versed in the complexities of regulatory compliance and risk management—skills that are critical for navigating the Foundations & DAO’s legal landscape and safeguarding its assets.

Together, these experiences have cultivated a results-driven mindset, with a focus on clear, output-based solutions. I bring this approach to the Ape Foundation, committed to providing stewardship, expediting the execution of AIPs, and ensuring the value and utility of ApeCoin are realised fully. My leadership is defined not just by the positions I’ve held, but by the tangible results achieved—results I plan to replicate within the Ape Foundation.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

Executing with Excellence by Propelling Ape Foundation with Streamlined Processes and Rapid Proposal Realisation:

In my role as Managing Director at Galliford Try - Asset Intelligence, I led the business through a pivotal merger, demonstrating my ability to navigate complex corporate governance and drive strategic growth in challenging environments. My tenure at nmcn plc as Commercial Director allowed me to refine these governance skills, overseeing a business unit that flourished under my direction, with marked profitability and operational enhancements.

My involvement in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain extends beyond theoretical knowledge. As a consultant, I have guided entities through the intricacies of Web 3.0 adoption, advocating for blockchain’s transformative potential in streamlining operations and enabling new business models. My hands-on experience with Ice Galleries as a co-owner and Non-Executive Director has provided me with practical insights into the tokenization process and the integration of NFTs into traditional business sectors.

When it comes to DAO improvement, my approach is rooted in the principles of transparency, agility, and community engagement. I propose the establishment of clear, streamlined pathways for AIP implementation, ensuring that innovative ideas are not bogged down by bureaucracy. By implementing a robust framework for proposal evaluation that leverages AI, we can enhance the efficiency and speed of the decision-making process.

In my view, the key to unlocking ApeCoin DAO’s value lies in the transformation of proposals into executed realities with precision and expedition. I champion establishing a culture within the Foundation that prioritizes the swift turnaround of proposals, ensuring not just their passage but their effective and timely implementation. This approach is critical to transitioning from ideation to action, thereby actualizing the community’s vision and driving tangible results. My commitment is to streamline processes, reduce bureaucratic inertia, and set in place a proactive governance model that accelerates proposal execution and ensures milestones are met on schedule, ultimately enhancing ApeCoin’s value and relevance.

With a focus on maximising the value of ApeCoin, I believe proposals that bolster the brand, facilitate the development of ApeChain, and encourage the utilization of ApeCoin within the Yuga Labs ecosystem. I believe that these strategic initiatives are key to unlocking the full potential of ApeCoin, making it a cornerstone of the digital economy.

Proposals aimed at enhancing ApeCoin’s brand will drive broader recognition and adoption, which is vital for long-term value. The creation of ApeChain can offer a bespoke blockchain solution tailored to our community’s needs, promoting efficiency and innovation. Encouraging the use of ApeCoin within the Yuga Labs ecosystem will not only increase utility but also reinforce the coin’s central role in a thriving digital market.

Ultimately, my goal is to help the Ape Foundation adopt a governance model that is not only efficient and responsive but also deeply reflective of the community’s collective vision. By doing so, we can ensure that ApeCoin remains at the forefront of the digital asset space, setting a standard for DAOs everywhere.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

Leveraging 15 Years of Executive Leadership Experience to Forge a Future of Strategic Stewardship and Innovation for the Ape Foundation:

My journey to the Ape Foundation Special Council is defined by a steadfast commitment to stewardship, blending academic rigor with professional excellence. With an Honors degree in Engineering, Chartered Surveyor credentials, and a Project Management Professional® distinction, I have laid a foundation of meticulous precision and strategic insight. These qualifications are complemented by my seasoned leadership in leading multimillion-pound businesses and spearheading Web 3.0 adoption, positioning me to elevate the APE Foundation with effectiveness and sound governance practices.

In championing simplicity and effectiveness, my aim is to translate proven leadership methodologies into actionable, value-driven outcomes for our community. Motivated by a legacy of impactful leadership and a personal commitment to give back, I am driven to guide the DAO towards a flourishing Web 3.0 future.

The rationale behind my candidacy is clear: to bridge pioneering leadership with blockchain innovation, ensuring robust governance and stewardship of the ApeCoin DAO’s vision. Through a culture of excellence, I will focus on executing with precision, propelling the DAO with streamlined processes, and realising proposals rapidly to unlock and enhance ApeCoin’s intrinsic value.

In stewarding the APE Foundation into its next chapter, my goal is to embody the collaborative spirit and strategic acumen that are essential for success in the digital asset space. I am dedicated to upholding the trust placed in me by the community, ensuring that our collective journey is marked by decisive, transparent, and responsive governance.


Hello all,
I hope that you are all well and in good health.
Here is a summary of application: Twitter Post
Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.
Best, Uzi

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Hi @Uzi, I am asking all candidates the following same questions:

If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO?

What is an area of expertise that you will be bringing to the table?

Are there any factors in your life that may limit your time and ability to serve? (Running a business, extensive traveling, secret agent for the SEC, etc…)

What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in its current state?

Currently, many of the proposals are determined by large wallets, there are many grumblings about it though I stand neutral on this; if possible, would you change this? and if so, how and why?

Will you be an active participant in the DAO even if unelected?

Thank you and best of luck,



Hi @foxSlightly,
Sorry I was away yesterday and will respond to this today.
Thank you for your questions - I think that they are very well thought-out.
Best, Uzi

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Hi Fox,

Here we go and sorry for the delay:

Passionate Objective:

I’m really passionate about streamlining DAO processes, particularly in expediting grant agreements. I propose initiating contract discussions during Phase Six (Admin Review) to ensure grant agreements are finalised within two weeks, significantly accelerating project implementation and enhancing ApeCoin’s value.

Area of Expertise:

My expertise spans being a Managing Director and Executive Board Member in a billion-pound business, a Non-Executive Director & Art Gallery Owner, a consultant, and a Chartered Project Manager and Surveyor. I bring a wealth of Web 2.0 experience to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of Web 3.0 initiatives, combining traditional business acumen with my degen spirit of Web 3.0.

Time Commitment:

As a Managing Director, my role is flexible andoccupies about three days a week, supplemented by 1-day-a-month commitment as a Non-Exec Director and Co-Founder of an Art Gallery. My consultancy is largely managed by my team, requiring about a day a month from me as well. Therefore, I am fully prepared to dedicate the necessary time to the DAO without any hindrances.

DAO’s Current State Concern:

My primary concern with our DAO is the extended duration from proposal submission to project implementation. I intend to focus on streamlining this process, ensuring quicker and “proper” execution of projects to deliver value to ApeCoin.

Voting Dynamics:

The influence of large wallets is a nuanced issue. I advocate for a system where delegated wallets operate like mini DAOs, aggregating individual votes within their communities for fairness. However, I also recognise the weight of substantial investments in ApeCoin and believe in respecting the voting power that comes with substantial financial commitment.

Continued Participation:

Absolutely, my involvement in the DAO goes beyond holding a position. I am committed to proposing a strategic AIP to ensure the correct implementation of proposals, contributing ideas, and supporting the community’s goals, regardless of the election outcome.


Strong… And was great hearing you speak for the first time yesterday brother.

Keep up the great work, and good luck on the campaign :muscle::muscle:



Hey Uzi, good luck with the election!

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