@veratheape - Nomination 1/2022

Super strong candidate - glad to be running with you Vera


Over the last few months, I’ve gotten to know, learn from, and work with @veratheape, who is a member of our Thank APE board. Based on my experiences with her, I believe she would be a wonderful special counsel member.

Many people know @veratheape as a natural community builder - because she’s brought so many of us together! She has also been using her is engineering and investor perspective to help many ApeCoin initiatives. I know her as selfless, genuine, brilliant… and committed to improving our DAO! - Daniel


Sharing with you all on Vera’s contribution to the community. Vera has dedicated her time and effort to build great events and community to drive BAYC adoption. She got my vote on this :gorilla:


Hey F/S,
Thank you for your question.

  1. The first thing I want to push is building the ecosystem by hosting hackathons and establishing partnerships. Building the ecosystem is a long journey and it is the only way for a token to be sustainable. It took ETH 4 years to really build the ecosystem and I think this is something more urgent than others. There are transparency, DAO engagement, and rebranding issues I want to help solve but those can be solved along the way of building the ecosystem.
  2. Nope. I don’t have any factors that limit my ability to serve.
  3. My least favorite thing of our DAO right now is the expectation management. They’ve over promised and under delivered.
  4. Koda is a bee in the Otherside. It will bring you honey back everyday.

One of my priorities when I host events is to enable a platform for builders to connect with investors, other builders, and new friends. I will bring the audience to those who might not have an audience.


Vera is best ,We trust


Hi Vera,

Two follow up questions.

  1. Did you consider writing AIPs to host hackathons?
  2. Can you explain more? Lots of people are frustrated, but in which ways do you think the DAO SC has overpromised and under delivered?

we want all the perspectives! go vera🤍


Vera has been an active participant in the efforts of DAO members to find a solution to the current DAO administration crisis. Her level of participation is significantly higher than some of the other leading candidates. Vote wisely…


How have I missed all this participation


That is really awesome @veratheape.
Have you been able to keep an eye on AIP-91 (currently approved and a few weeks away from “implemented”)?
IRL events are very important but I think so is creating tools that can create these synergies when distance can be an obstacle are also really important. It would be great to have your feedback on it :slight_smile:

Happy to see that you are in the top elected.

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Congratulations @veratheape on being in the top 5!!!


Hey builders! Who want to add his opinion or some more value to the article as a quote? PM me if so


Just change final sentence to January 2023, as currently says January 2021.

Looks amazing - following.


The article is good and most importantly, neutral. Anything I say would not be neutral, so I’ll just say, good job on reporting here


Just updated the article. Thank you for poiniting out.


I will be asking all potential administrators same questions:
Please define and specify very technical:

  1. Your administrative and handling big paperwork experience

  2. Your typing test speed in english and other languages

  3. Languages spoken

  4. Countries lived at and embracing the culture

  5. Technical and data + devises security certifications

  6. How will you balance your work time with private while 40H being an admin here

  7. Do you have conflict of interests?

  8. Education

  9. Favourite books and why?

Thank you