Waabam - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Waabam

Nomination Statement:

ApeChain is the biggest product in the ApeCoin DAO’s history, and is our best opportunity to grow the ApeCoin ecosystem.

I am running for Special Council so that I can continue to be the voice for the apes on Special Council, and on the ApeChain implementation team.

I want to continue to make sure that the community always comes first, that $APE is at the center of every facet of ApeChain, and that ApeCoin reaches its full potential as the coin that powers the metaverse.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

ApeCoin DAO is one of the most active and engaged DAOs in the world. There is no other DAO that matches our reach or our impact on web3 culture and community.

I have been building in the ApeCoin DAO for almost 2 years now and am extremely passionate about this ecosystem. The BAYC is my tribe. I’m obsessed and enthralled with the technology, ethos, and culture of the club.

Being able to work on the coin and the blockchain that will power the Otherside is incredibly motivating and exciting to me. It is my vision that ApeChain will become the infrastructure that will onboard hundreds of thousands of new users into web3.

Values & Commitment:

In my life I seek to find what I am passionate about, and pursue it relentlessly.

During my two years of intense focus on the ApeCoin DAO, I have had a wide-ranging impact:

• I co-founded ApeComms in September 2022.
• In January 2023 I was the DAO lead on the RFP to select a new Cayman Islands administrator.
• In March and April 2023 I co-authored the AIPs creating the working group model and discourse facilitators model. We now have over 10 people working to grow the ApeCoin ecosystem through these initiatives.
• In June and July of 2023 I was elected to Special Council on a broad campaign to grow the ApeCoin ecosystem and scale ApeCoin.
• From October to December of 2023 I took a leading role in spearheading, developing and ultimately passing the ApeChain RFP.
• Since March 2023 I have been playing a leading role in the design and implementation of ApeChain.

I will continue to approach my work on Special Council with the drive, passion, and level of commitment that I have shown over the last two years.

Concluding Statement:

There is no other candidate with my level of expertise and experience in this DAO, no other candidate with my level of passion and vision for ApeChain and our ecosystem, and no other candidate better able to ensure that ApeCoin reaches its potential.

waabam - Nick S


Firmly agree and great opening to your candidacy

This is what drew me to the DAO and what keeps me here today, there’s a true potential for long term lasting impact

Glad to see you are in the running again :heart: :gorilla:


I’ll put this simply, if you care about this DAO and the future of ApeCoin, re-elect Waabam. As someone who is spending every day working hard on the launch of ApeChain, I can tell you that Waabam has been THE driving force on the Special Council towards a successful launch.

He’s putting in overtime hours managing dozens of key relationships, pushing forward industry leading user incentives and constantly standing up for the individual ApeCoin holder vs institutional power.

This man is the Community Candidate. He’s smart, experienced, kind and passionate. Let’s all get out there loudly and support him. The DAO needs him, ApeChain needs him, the industry needs him!


The overall DAO landscape is complex, as is the ApeCoin DAO. It is important to have continuity of members in roles, no matter if in the Special Council or a working group.

@Waabam has taken a step by step approach, over approximately a 2 year period of involvement in ApeCoin. Also arguably lead the RFP for the most important initiative for ApeCoin in 2024 - ApeChain!

This isn’t just my opinion. Here is a write up to this question from Perplexity, Link to answer.

Can you tell me the importance of team members saying for at least two years in an organisation?

N.B. SC are not employees, but the general conclusions still apply.

It is generally beneficial for team members to stay with an organization for at least two years for the following reasons:

  1. It takes time to build trust and strong working relationships within a team.[3] When team members stick around for a couple of years, they have the opportunity to truly get to know each other’s strengths, working styles, and personalities. This deeper understanding facilitates better collaboration and communication.[1]

  2. Teams go through various stages of development - forming, storming, norming, and performing.[1] It often takes over a year for a team to progress through these stages and reach the high-performing “performing” stage where they operate cohesively and efficiently.[1] If team members leave before this stage, the team has to restart the development process with new members.

  3. Employee retention boosts morale and creates a sense of community within the organization.[2] High turnover can disrupt team dynamics, damage culture, and lead to lower engagement and productivity.[4] Retaining team members for at least two years helps maintain stability and camaraderie.[2][4]

  4. It takes time for new employees to get fully ramped up and become highly productive contributors.[2] If team members leave before reaching their full potential, the organization loses that investment in their training and development.[2]

  5. Longer tenures allow team members to deepen their skills, knowledge, and experience within the organization.[1] This institutional knowledge is valuable for improving processes, problem-solving, and mentoring new team members.[1][2]

In summary, retaining team members for a minimum of two years allows teams to solidify, build strong interpersonal bonds, and reach peak performance - benefiting the organization through increased productivity, efficiency, and a positive team culture.[1][2][4]

[1] Using the Stages of Team Development | MIT Human Resources
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What are the negatives if a team member leaves after one year?

N.B. SC are not employees, but the general conclusions still apply.

Perplexity link to answer.

Having a team member leave after just one year can have several negative impacts:

  • Loss of productivity and knowledge: It takes time and resources to train a new employee. When someone leaves after a short tenure, that investment is lost, and productivity suffers until a replacement is hired and trained.[1]

  • Disruption to team dynamics: Established teams often have good rapport and work well together. Losing a member disrupts that dynamic and can negatively impact morale and collaboration.[2]

  • Increased workload on remaining staff: Until a replacement is found, the workload of the departed employee falls on the remaining team members, leading to potential burnout and resentment.[3]

  • Recruitment and hiring costs: Hiring a new employee incurs costs like advertising the role, interviewing candidates, onboarding, etc. These costs recur more frequently with high turnover.[4]

  • Loss of client relationships: If the departing employee had strong client relationships, those connections may be severed when they leave, impacting business development.[5]

  • Negative perception of the company: High turnover can create a perception that the company has a negative culture or poor management, making it harder to attract top talent.[2][4]

The negative impacts are amplified when the departing employee is experienced and knowledgeable about critical processes or projects. Minimizing turnover, especially among strong performers, is important for team cohesion, productivity, and maintaining institutional knowledge.[1][3][5]

[1] https://www.insperity.com/blog/negative-employees-how-to-keep-one-from-spoiling-the-whole-bunch/
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Waabam has expertise, passion, and vision for the ApeChain and our ecosystem. ApeComms has always been a great Space to chat and leaves Waabam uniquely qualified to ensure ApeCoin reaches its full potential.