We can vote NO, right? AIP Discussion

Hey y’all.

So we can vote no on these AIP right? It’s probably better to figure it out before putting it through?

I gotta put my kid to bed, then I’ll be back to discuss whatever I think should be changed. heh


Yes you can oppose. Please read through them before you vote.

I believe that unfortunately I also tend to say NO! It is very basic! Like I am looking to a web2 or web1 old bureaucratic organization! It doesn’t match the hype created by the legendary musicians led by Snoop Dogg! Yet we can go deeper with multiple interactive events to decide such details because ut matters!!! ThnXXXXX for the great vibe!!! I LOVE IT :slight_smile:

Note: My vote won’t count, because I have 1 APE. I also have many many many NFTs, cant that at least count :slight_smile:

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You can vote in opposition or in favor of an AIP.
Each vote cost 1$APE. I dont know if how many coins you hold matters after that, im curious about that myself.

feels like AIP-1 is a bit too expensive, not sure if there’s a lot we can do right now since it has 98% of the votes
but at least having a breakdown of costs in more detailed way would be good.

2 million to set up a foundation?
150k per month to manage the foundation and moderate discourse?
why board members need 20k usd per month?

seems excessive.

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The time (20 weeks) and costs ($500k) to set up staking is mind-blowing and seems completely excessive as well. Who is sourcing the costs for this work? this is the kind of price I would expect a government employee to wastefully pay for developers.

Also, the 20 week time scale fits nicely for the initial insider lock-up period to expire weeks after locking up a huge amount of $APE in staking!!! again who is planning this?


I’d imagine at least 30% of the cost, and 50% of the time here is audit. Good audit teams are in short supply with long lead times and expensive.

This is without a doubt the best thing money can buy when it comes to security. Spend a bit more of the treasury and take extra time to be damn sure the contract is rock solid.


I voted no on all AIPS. We can do better then this.

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do not be silly enough to think you can change what has been decided bro, for any proposal proposed, it is a must-pass.

if you tried to create a proposal, you will find it need to be checked by a monitor. It’s totally fake community government. All is for the interest of yuga labs and its affiliated VCs.

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