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Welcome to ApeCoin DAO!

Welcome to the ApeCoin DAO Discourse!

The APE Foundation serves the ApeCoin DAO in fostering a community of creators and everyday innovators shaping the future of web3. The goal of the APE Foundation is to steward the growth and development of the APE ecosystem in a fair and inclusive way. It utilizes the Ecosystem Fund, which is controlled by a multisig wallet, to pay its expenses as directed by the ApeCoin DAO and provides an infrastructure for ApeCoin holders to collaborate through open and permissionless processes.

The short-term vision is to facilitate the launch of the best product feasible today in a way that aligns with the DAO’s motivation and values by balancing productivity and governance with bottom-up contribution, while minimizing politics. To achieve this, it is imperative that participating in idea submission, commentary, proposal submission, and voting is restricted to ApeCoin DAO members. Holding ApeCoin is the only requirement for membership in the DAO.

In this Discourse, ApeCoin DAO members can vote on decisions regarding Ecosystem Fund allocations, governance rules, projects, partnerships, and beyond. The APE Improvement Proposal Process can be found at apecoin.com/governance.

Why Discourse

Discourse is an open source discussion platform where the ApeCoin DAO community can discuss APE Improvement Proposal (AIP) ideas. Transparent discussion gives AIP authors a chance to incorporate community feedback and ensure their idea is in line with community values and goals.


Categories help us to keep discussions about AIP ideas organized. The following Categories are available on Discourse.

  1. Core: Ecosystem Fund Allocation - Proposals for how DAO funds should be utilized.
  2. Core: Ecosystem Fund Allocation (Resubmission) - Resubmitted proposals for how DAO funds should be utilized.
  3. Core: Brand Decision - Proposals for anything the DAO attaches its name to, including projects and collaborations.
  4. Core: Brand Decision (Resubmission) - Resubmitted proposals for anything the DAO attaches its name to, including projects and collaborations.
  5. Process - Proposals for making a change to a process or implementation. Examples include procedures, guidelines, changes to the decision-making process, and changes to the tools or environment of the DAO or Foundation.
  6. Process (Resubmission) - Resubmitted proposals for making a change to a process or implementation. Examples include procedures, guidelines, changes to the decision-making process, and changes to the tools or environment of the DAO or Foundation.
  7. Informational - Proposals for general guidelines or information for the community.
  8. Information (Resubmission) - Resubmitted proposals for general guidelines or information for the community.
  9. Live AIP - Final proposals that have been placed on Snapshot for vote. Only moderators may create and reply to Topics in this category.

If you are unsure of which category to post in, simply submit your post to General and a moderator will help categorize it.

Trust Levels

Discourse has a trust system where users can, over time, earn the trust of the community and gain abilities to assist in governing their community.

Discourse is designed to offer safe defaults for public communities, even with no active moderation.

0 (new) → 1 (basic) → 2 (member) → 3 (regular) → 4 (leader)

All new users start out in a sandbox with restrictions for everyone’s safety. Trust level 0 (new) users cannot

  • post more than 2 hyperlinks
  • post any images or file attachments
  • send private messages
  • flag posts or topics
  • have actual links in the “about me” field of their profile
  • @name mention more than 2 users in a post

Virtually every action a user can take is rate-limited for safety, and especially so for new users. But don’t worry, new users can transition to trust level 1 in about 15 minutes.

Proposal Process

Discourse is used for idea generation, community discussion, and the preparation of the AIP Draft. A brief description of the process is below. See the Proposal Process under Governance 1 for further details.

  • All Topics submitted in Discourse must be approved by a moderator. If it is rejected, you will be contacted by a moderator directly. If approved, it is open for 7 days.
  • When the Topic is closed, a moderator will message the author of the Topic directly in Discourse to put together the AIP Draft.
  • The AIP Draft will go through the moderation, analysis, and review process.
  • Moderators will update the community on the status of the Topics in the comments after the Topic is closed.
  • Approved AIPs will be put on Snapshot for vote.

Voting Process

All Live AIPs will be posted on Snapshot for vote at the ApeCoin DAO Space. A summary of the voting process can be found below. See Voting under Governance for further details.

  • New AIPs are posted every week on Thursday at 9PM ET and close the following Wednesday at 9PM ET.
  • ApeCoin DAO members may delegate their votes to another ApeCoin DAO member. Delegation must occur prior to the posting of the AIP on Snapshot.

Where to Start

  • Read the Topics from the home page
  • Engage with other ApeCoin DAO members by replying to comments
  • Submit an idea by clicking + New Topic from the home page, and select the category you best see fit

Excited to be here and looking forward to contributing to the development/growth of ApeCoin


Mint/Owner of BAYC, and still here. I believe in the Yuga Labs team and associates, every step has been methodical and successful. Let’s do the unexpected…let’s lead the way!



Cheers to the believers and to the newcomers, History is truly being made.


Ape alone is weak. Ape together is strong. Huge fan and supporter of the bayc and apecoin community.


WELCOME, ALL! I’m extremely proud to help steer the Ape Foundation alongside you all. :pray::banana:


Good Afternoon everyone!


This will one day change the nft world!


Hi there. Glad to be here.


GM fellow Apes! So excited to be a part of this adventure!


Yes, I am looking forward to it.


Does anyone know when/if the chat for some of the specific proposals will be open to discuss or is the general forum the best place to debate / clarify specific topics?


Hello fam! Glad to be a part of a cultural and technological shift. Hoping to build wonderful experiences together!!


Welcome and congrats to everyone. Excited to be here and continue to participate in this community. $APE


Really glad y’all are getting this going. Excited to see where the Ape community takes things. :orangutan:


Thank you to each and every person who is a part of the Yuga Labs ecosystem(s?)! Here for the long-haul :smiley:


I believe AIP 1 and 2 would need to be approved before this. So I imagine it’s going to be from next week Wednesday (7 days from today when voting window ends) onwards.


Yeah, I’d like to discuss the staking in AIP 4 & 5 / have more clarity on what actually gets staked. I saw these two tweets and it completely changed how I view AIP’s 4 and 5. https://twitter.com/FoolofApe/status/1506678761705852929?s=20&t=vConyHmgys5oO1VJHghjpg


Makes sense. I do have some some questions on AIP-3 (sub-components) and there are some twitter threads about clarifications about the Staking mechanisms that I think would be great to debate as a community. ABsolutely loving this!


Herb is having a spaces today to discuss some of these - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1PlKQaAnapBKE?s=20