What did you think about todays first Ape Assembly Meeting? (June 15th)

First meeting was held today, June 15th. I took a few notes on some of the setup and vision that amplify laid out. Here a few things I wrote in my notepad that I think are important.

  • This all explores the idea of sub-daos as a service provider
  • Experimentation can be done @ Ape Assembly w/o impacting Apecoin’s processes
  • WGs can even grow to become their own sub-dao after incubation

Collaboration with Tally Labs or through snapshot to improve the way we vote on consensus is a topic that needs weighed. Testing of discord emoji voting is currently being trialed. Token-gating or using a different platform other than discords stages will likely be explored further.

Monthly cadence and meetings came under debate today. Initial suggestions like the first of every month have no been shifted to twice monthly, on a weekday instead. This could be harder to put out an advanced agenda and get wider participation if bi-monthly is implemented.

Is it acceptable for 60 people to make a decision on for electing paid positions in WGs built within the Ape Assembly? What quorums or safeguards are in place? What will the DAO token holders think? Can we justify our decisions by saying “look at our discord votes?”

What your thoughts? I was on-stage expressing mine hahah. This can be fun!


Great to hear the first meeting today! Amplify presented some sweet ideas and visions!

During the meeting, there was a discussion about the frequency of meetings. Initially, the suggestion was the first of every month, but now it seems there’s a leaning towards having them twice a month. While this change might make it harder to plan ahead and get wider participation, it could still be manageable.

Further organization and the flow of everything will grow line by line as we move forward! :relieved:


Went well… Can’t wait for the next.

Definitely feels like something could be there. And happy to see valuable community members with an opportunity to step up and really make a difference.



I think it went pretty well for the first assembly. As time and more meetings occur I am sure we will figure things out faster and at a more smooth and comfortable pace for everyone. It’s good to see all the members brainstorming and bouncing ideas. @0xSword nice setup u have there btw


Now we need to decide on the vote. Is 60 votes enough and can we collect more. If I’m not mistaken, there were about 50 participants at the meeting. Will the votes of these active participants be enough?

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Audio calls are still hard for me because of my bad English. If I somehow still cope with the forum with the help of a translator, then there is no other way to participate in the live broadcast, except to improve my knowledge of the language, which is what I plan to do.


i missed it yesterday i hope there will be more


Where was the meeting held? Using which tool? Discord, Teams, Zoom, Spaces?


I appreciated joining this meeting. I have a lot more to learn about the dao but it was definitely interesting to watch.


It was on discord stages


There’s definitely a strong potential for something remarkable to emerge. It’s truly inspiring to witness the rise of passionate community members who have the opportunity to step up and create a transformative impact."

the emphasis is placed on the potential for something remarkable to happen. The idea of valuable community members taking on a more significant role and having the chance to make a lasting difference is highlighted, emphasizing the positive impact they can create.



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