When are the next office hours?

After the last office hours, I put on my thinking cap for ways to encourage more businesses to accept $APE as payment for goods and services. Would love to talk further. Is another one scheduled?


Of course after I asked I saw I just missed one. Do you know the October dates yet? Having discussions with a company looking to accept $APE.


I would have the company simply look into using a channel partner like BitPay. BitPay already accepts $ape I believe. Building out a custom payment solution for $ape only for one singular business is unlikely … however … I do believe that someone should build a custom payment solution mechanism as an AIP and open source it so that businesses could plug and play it similar to bitpay


I guess technically they are not just one company. But I’ll let them know. They might even be in a place to create an option for an open source solution.


A custom open source payment system for $ape is a GREAT idea!

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