Would it be possible to?

Would it be possible Create like an online catalogue or website for businesses or anyone to rent the IP of apes. In a competitive easy to use market place for apes and businesses, centered around ape coin where the DAO could profit from ?

Any feedback would be welcomed.


I dont know the legal implications that it would has but it is technically possible. Maybe the worst part is the legal stuff and the contract to rent the IP of an BAYC NFT.

The IP belongs to yuga labs and a16z. you want to make profit of it???

The IP for the BAYC/MAYC you own belongs to you and you can definitely earn for providing IP rights to your ape. I did it :slight_smile: This would be a really great project @Papasito

The IP for does not belong to the NFT holders. Yuga Labs owns the IP outright.

However, Yuga has granted an unrestricted commercial license to ape holders for the duration they hold the NFT.

The idea proposed by @Papasito is interesting in that one could temporarily extend their commercial license to an external party.

However, the logistics of such a thing would be extremely challenging to pull off. Without actually locking the NFT away in a smart contract (which would carry risk of loss or theft), there’s no way to guarantee a licensor that the ape will be retained during the agreed upon licensing time.

Put more simply: someone might grant the temporary license, then sell the NFT. What happens then? It’s a super easy rug scheme as the next owner can choose to revoke the granted license.


Do you know how this works? I mean, it depends on the country and their laws or it can be done in an easier and generalistic way?

I think it is a very good idea, but maybe the legal part is too difficult and complicated to carry on.

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There are ways. Let’s say you provide commercial rights to your APE with a monthly agreement. The ownership of the ape should be constant for a specific time period, let’s say 3, 6, or 12 Months. The payment would be split and the final payment would be executed after the period final period. Lets say 12 months.

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That’s right Yuga Labs owns the IP to the BAYC brand and names the ape skull logo and all the sub-brands. This is actually very good for the community. However, the BAYC holder owns an unrestricted commercial license. For example, if a coffee company wants to use my pink sad smoking APE as a Logo we should make a deal.

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For something like this to work, the NFT needs to become non-transferrable for that period of time. Otherwise it’s trivial for someone to temporarily grant license, and then sell the underlying asset.

But locking the NFT introduces a number of concerns:

  • The asset would now be locked within a smart contract
  • $APE staking tied to the asset would no longer be possible
  • If AIP-4 were to play out exactly as they say, if the owner staked their $APE, and used an NFT to do so, and then later used the license-lending contract, they may actually lose withdrawal access to their $APE for the duration it’s locked in the smart contract because the NFT is required to unstake
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If you want to sell the rights without selling the BAYC NFT and without making and agreement directly, it is the only way. The BAYC holder must think if he rather keeps the token or try to sell the IP rights of his Ape using a platform.

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There is some good ideas here, rather then locking, perhaps the ape owner would be in contract as well so that if they sell the ape during that time, they must pay a hefty fee to the renter.

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Or you have to keep the ape in your wallet for a specific period of time to get the payment at all


There are creative ways circumventing locking the assets away, but hell yes when you go to a law firm for an NFT license this is the major roadblock.

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: i dig this thought process a lot.

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