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A space for open discussions among the ApeCoin DAO community. It serves as a hub for various topics such as art, gaming, entertainment, and events. Additionally, community members can share their suggestions for enhancing the forum.

AIP Execution and Transparency

Track the progress of AIP authors, facilitate idea exchange, and promote transparency in the execution of implemented AIPs.

AIP Ideas

Do you have an idea which is in the best interest of the DAO? Bring it to the forum. You can also submit a formal AIP Draft or drop your thoughts and suggestions, no matter how vague.

AIP Drafts

Proposals that started as an AIP Idea, of which the author decided to move forward and submit as a formal AIP Draft.

Administrative Review

AIPs that have been tagged with Needs Administrative Review for the Special Council to determine if clarification or further actions are required before moving to a vote.

Live AIPs

Proposals that have gone through the proposal process and set to vote at ApeCoin DAO Snapshot Space: Snapshot

Final AIPs

Final AIPs that have been put on Snapshot for community vote.

Help & Resources

Help your fellow DAO members stay safe, informed and connected.

Withdrawn AIPs

AIPs that have been withdrawn by the author, or have been automatically withdrawn due to no response from the author within the 30-day window.