AIP-137: The Special Council Nomination Process

Hi @Novocrypto, thank you for your comments and questions. Please see below and let me know if I’ve missed any of them!

  • I provided some rationale above for separating the nomination process and election process into two AIPs here.

Meaning that anyone who applies and passes KYC and background check can potentially be elected to council by voters. Is that a correct understanding?

  • Yes this is correct in the proposed framework and process in this AIP.

If no selection/rejection process based on the experience “requirements”, then how do we ensure that completely inexperienced candidates don’t make it to the council with only popular vote? This is an area that I think we can improve fairness by introducing some level of mandatory requirement.

  • The proposed process were designed for the ApeCoin community to decide which applicants should be eligible for election. If there are minimum thresholds or mandatory requirements that the community believes should be included, happy to hear suggestions and adjust this AIP.

For example a candidate that has 0 minutes read time on Apecoin Forum by the time of application would probably not be an ideal candidate for the role of special council even if they are a crypto lawyer or manage large corporations or have experience and credentials in corporate governance. Or maybe they could be? I’d love to know what others think.

In any case, I think having actual experience in Apecoin DAO governance could be something to add at the application level under Category 3 even if only as guideline!

  • ApeCoin DAO governance activity was considered in the proposed process. There’s a balance between imposing restrictions while keeping the application open to a wide range of community members. In an attempt to thread this needle, this version asks applicants to have a profile or user on this Discourse forum as well as 1 ApeCoin in their wallet.

A small note on the first cycle. I’d imagine that there will be more than enough nominees and candidates but in the unlikely event that there aren’t, what is the process to decide which of the incumbent council seats will be allocated to the next cycle? I guess if all existing council members apply then there won’t be such an issue!

  • Current Council members can voluntary choose not to run if they wish. However, if all Council members wish to remain, seat numbers would be assigned randomly.