AIP-317: ApeCoin DAO Governance and Operations Budget

Who is they?

Sadly, I don’t share you enthusiasm nor hope because people are who they are.

I setup a $5M game AIP-316 @ $1M per year for 5 yrs.

Because I already knew that the DAO wasn’t setup to receive revenue, I tailored it such that I would then spend $650K per year on the DAO by it having own servers and hiring people from here. All I was getting back was the $250K license + $APE token implementation costs

As it stands, it’s been whittled down to $500K one-way expense - much to my chagrin.

If the DAO was setup to receive revenue, that would have been a simple matter of also doing a rev share agreement - which is standard in my business. e.g. ApeCoin gets x% of all token based micro-transactions that’s paid directly to a wallet setup to receive it.

And as I mentioned on Discord yesterday, I have lost all confidence in the AIP and since we’ve been running tests with 3 other tokens, assuming we don’t roll our own, we would already be well underway with our token implementation before AIP-316 even goes up for vote, thus rendering it moot. The DAO is currently running an avg of 36 days to send an AIP to vote, because, you know there’s so much work to do reading and approving AIPs :roll_eyes:

To be clear, I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe that the DAO is going to be able to effectively engage in any tangible revenue streams. For one thing, games are the primary entry. That’s why Yuga and Animoca are all-in on games. Games cost a lost of money, take a lot of time, require talent - and are high risk. Good luck asking this DAO for $2M to make a decent game - of any kind.

If I were in the MWG as steward, as I’ve said before in the MWG interest thread, my primary goal would be to ping my vast network of game devs and get them to either build games or release derivatives of existing games that use the token. They trust me, so they will listen to me instead of some rando with an ugly JPEG. And to do that, I would first request and get approved for a budget that I know works; and to make sure that the MWG have complete autonomy. I’ve built companies and teams; there are methodologies involved in the process; not this head-in-clouds bs that’s rife in Web3.