AIP-317: ApeCoin DAO Governance and Operations Budget

Second time reading through and just a few questions:

  • So we’re changing the fonts and colours for the ApeCoin brand from ApeCoin Blue to Light Purple? I kinda like it, but it seems like this would be a Marketing & Communications Working Group deliverable, so just intrigued to better understand how far and wide GovtWG mandate runs.
  • Still awaiting this OKR before August Funding (or is this now cancelled?):


We were planning for RFP transparency when engaging professional service providers in the MarComms WG, will you be doing same? Not that I care either way, but others may.

So are these committees replacing the Assembly? If so, what purpose will the Assembly serve if any?

So just to understand better, we weren’t happy that 30-40 members spoke for the DAO, but we’re okay with 7? Or is this just another layer of committees, meetings, minutes, etc?


  • What’s the breakdown for the $24k for Discord Mods?

  • $3k a month for communications? Isn’t this part of the Stewards responsibilities anyway?

  • $5k a month for reserve and additional comms - is that communications or committees?

  • Is the GovtWG still administering the elections (no mention of this)?

  • Please confirm if these are correct:
    – elections for 4 positions beginning September (MarComms & Metaverse)
    – elections for 3 positions beginning November (SC)
    – elections for 2 positions beginning December (MarComms & Metaverse)

  • Do you foresee any more?

Finally, with this budget for Governance we’re going from an annual budget of $1.8m for our previous admin to an annual expense of $2.27m – what’s the justification of increasing our Governance spend?

Sure, our ops have improved and our AIPs are processing faster, yet it seems to me that would be down to the 3 facilitators expediting matters and our 5 Special Council members working 20-40 hours per week as compared to their predecessors supposedly spending 3 hours per week/month = just more hours spent on the workloads.

(Also, improved communications thanks to Vulkan, ApeComms, SC, et al)

I’m not sure many members realize this comparative increase, and I imagine there are nuances, but it would be worth letting the community know.


SSP :call_me_hand:t4: