AIP-318: APECOIN DAO Voting Reforms

This is complex and while I am supportive of the vision of making voting fairer I disagree with the concept as is because it does not account for its relative commitment ie it’s stake. One person one vote in the DAOs current stake can be gamed far easier because of the absolute numbers for the time being and the commitment or “what’s at stake” is so small it doesn’t matter.

What I would propose that we could consider is the principal of having a stake which means that instead of removing voting power we can enhance voting power with caps for committed community members because they have demonstrated and worked is earned their stake.

For instance a member who has been active for a year might get +X token voting power or a multiplier of 1.1 or 1.2x as a hypothetical example (probably a cap may be needed) It creates a dynamic that you can earn your voting power rather than just have anyone join at a cost of a few dollars and vote the same as someone who might have invested significantly. This creates in my view a better sense of shared equity amongst all DAO members as you either buy or work your way into the DAO in a sense.