AIP-326: Platform to Enable ApeCoin Powered Payments & Rewards for Apps & Games

Thank you for your feedback and encouragement @MisterHype!

You’re right that the projected cost is somewhat conservative, this is the cost of delivering on the current roadmap we’ve outlined over the next 10 months. During this time period our primary objective is to ship the initial set of features for each of the web3 components we’ve outlined, onboard the first set of customers, and assess market fit as we flesh out the full roadmap. This iterative approach will allow us to understand and adapt to market demands and make sure that the next set of features are well-informed and aligned with the evolving needs of our customers & the web3 community.

As we approach the 10 month cycle, we should have a much better pulse on our overall product-market-fit, a more concrete roadmap for the next product development phases, as well as the costs of delivering on that roadmap.