AIP-41: Keep ApeCoin within the Ethereum ecosystem - Process


I highly agree with your sentiment that we should NOT migrate from the Ethereum chain as that give us the best security and liquidity ESPECIALLY with ETH 2.0 coming in the future.

I also highly agree that even without using ANY L2 and to avoid looking like I am pushing some goofy project I have a massive bag in, there could have been solutions to avoid the gas war. We could have tiered these out and timed out minting, and many other solutions, but I’m glad we faced the issue so we can directly address the fact that most of our projects are only enterable for whales.

I will say, that although I agree with your entire post. I want to push heavily that I am against any sort of complacency and am really hoping for more discussion toward staying on the ETH chain, but migrating from L2. Perhaps I am confused on the process, or am putting too much faith into L2 minting that can be brought to the ETH chain through zkrollups (and zksync in the future), but I think that chains such as Immutable-X and possibly even Loopring, although, I would trust Immutable more at this point personally.

Again perhaps I am confused on the process of going from L2 back to the L1 chain (Eth chain), but it seems to be literal pennies, and incredibly secure. The main concern I have is security, due to the lack of these chains taking on a project this large to date, but I would love to hear a discussion as the roadblocks stopping us from using L2 to mint, then transfer directly back to the ETH chain cheaply and secure. I will clarify, I do not believe these methods are unsecure, but if we’re using KYC anyways, I don’t believe keeping our wallets private was a priority in the first place, so perhaps private is a better term.

Thanks for bringing this up so clearly. Full heartedly on board to NOT leave ETH even if L2 is not a viable solution at the moment.