AIP-93: A Marketplace for Apes, by Apes, built by Magic Eden

I was really happy w/ how Magic Eden reached out to many people. At the end of the 30 minute call with me, they said “who else should we talk to?” I liked that professionalism & work ethic.

My contribution to this thread is to request Otherdeeds be included in the marketplace. It’s an important asset that is traded by many people both inside & outside of the BAYC/MAYC & DAO community. It should definitely be included on any marketplace attached to the apecoin domain!


Appreciate this! That recognition means a lot, as we want to build with the community & always keep a direct line open.

Also appreciate the feedback on including Otherside. Noted!

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Hope that Otherdeeds can be added to the market, we use apecoin to mint, which is part of apecoin

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Ok, one more scam that uses bots to upvote itself.

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Yep, noting the feedback on Otherdeeds. ApeCoin to mint would definitely come into play for the proposed future initiatives with Launchpad outlined above.

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Thanks for the reply and well noted for Otherdeeds.

About the split fees, I still think ME position should be clarified in advance, we don’t know which will be ME position after legal matters will be sorted out.

You could structure your proposal saying that “assuming is legally feasible, out of the total applicable fees, a 0,25% (better more imo) will go back to DAO. IF not feasible, then total fees will be reduced by the same corresponding %” (means will not go into ME pockets but discounted for the marketplace users).

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The merch component is important as we need a trusted web3 commerce solution for reselling.

Can you please give a bit more color to the concept for that aspect of the marketplace?

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Can confirm that we would not care to bot, nor even know how to on this forum.
Given our reach and general go to market ETH push, the proposal has been getting massive attention in large publications & was shared around virally, as well as even appearing on Coinbase’s Solana trading page - so seems natural it would get a lot of attention.


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In case not possible to pay back to the DAO, an even better idea was raised by a competing proposal about a $APE burning mechanism (instead than lowering fees), in this case Apecoin long term holders would benefit with value appreciation.

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Like the idea, would love to have Otherside Integrated tho.

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I would also love to see more advantages to listings within marketpalce than just lower fees, I like for example how an already existing marketpalce called is doing in regards to the value and Apecoin in general.

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Hello! I would like to urge a bit of caution on this decision, and I would also like a little more information on how ME plans to deal with the many known rugs that they continue to sell on their own Marketplace. I’m not so sure that this proposal is something we should agree to without an answer on how they plan to deal with the current scam projects that are sold on their own marketplace. Some of which were launched on their own launchpad and were “doxxed” by ME themselves. This decision and ME’s continued sales and sometimes promotions of projects that rug could wind up negatively affecting the ApeCoin brand.

Please see here as one project example that was rugged for $1.2 million:

What does ME plan to do about their current volume of rugged projects on their own marketplace that they continue to sell, and continuing to an ApeCoin marketplace, why should we believe that you will have our best interest in mind when you currently do not have the best interest of your own community in mind?

I await your reply.

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Hey! Appreciate this feedback and concern.

Our secondary marketplace is open to creators in a more decentralized approach as a marketplace, however anything that is flagged by the community as a rug will be reviewed and take the necessary actions, which may include permanently flagging the collection or removing the collection entirely. We try to find the balance between providing an open decentralized marketplace & educating users on best practices knowing that, with also protecting users ourselves how we can from scam projects on marketplaces.

Speaking specifically to the Launchpad product, we have guidelines in place that were recently even improved to ensure that it is the highest quality launches. We’ve seen some of the most high quality launches on Solana deciding to partner with our launchpad on Solana, which actually improves the ME brand & projects being associated with it. However, nothing can be 100% perfect in this space, and regardless of the high quality ones that do launch with us it is also important to note that in any case a user is still recommended to do due diligence in research, and we make sure to ensure reminding signs of that in the user journey. As leaders in the space we will keep improving launchpad and ensuring it remains the highest quality partnership in the space. Guidelines for projects can be found below:

That being said, we have always prided ourselves on being a WEB3 community based marketplace. We’ve always had the community’s interest in mind on Solana. And when talking to ETH people, we have received strong applauds for this new approach we are bringing to ETH.

For this specific proposal process, we’ve kept that in mind the whole way. Our team has had a huge number of 1 on 1 calls with a large number of BAYC community members in receiving feedback what the community feels they want to see in this proposal, and decided to submit it for AIP rather than just building it to make sure the community has a say along the way & feels confident in our offering.

We’re looking to be a strong resource for the community longterm & this being step 1 in growing that partnership. Our lines always open for a direct call with anyone along the way.

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Hey @Moonlyght - Noted on Otherside integration. For merch, re-posting our response to RedVulcan above on what we’re envisioning - Let us know if this addresses, thanks!

The merch component would be intended for distributing new APE foundation merch or DAO-approved merch via integration with platforms like Shopify. We can also help by offering connections to merch brands, merch producers, and ecommerce platforms we know who work with top NFT collections.

For secondaries - we can power this easily for digital-physical NFTs - so if it’s something where an NFT’s utility is redemption of physical merch, we can support the trading + token gating to redeem. For off-chain secondary resale of merch, given enough demand, we could look into integrating a secondary resale platform, like trove recommerce, into the marketplace.

You nailed it - I really like your additional feature list

Magic Eden is mainly solana, what are we going to get out of this proposal?? Helping solana get bigger and better?? I dont want to have to go through magic eden for much of anything. I dont like the whole eden set up, myself. Dont hate it, but it doesnt make me jump with excitement to join them??! Make OUR OWN APE COMMUNITY FROM THE GROUND UP! No “joining” magic eden and places like that!

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Very much appreciate that you have reached out, are working with, and responding to the community, even those who are critical.

Overall, I support your marketplace idea. But I do have a couple concerns.

First, the AIP as currently written, would have ME using the domain. It is too premature to ask for this imo. I think this is a major decision that should be discussed thoroughly and not decided on as a part of this AIP. Especially since there are 2 other MP AIPs out there.

Second, I believe merch should not be a part of this proposal. It should be it’s own AIP. It’s one of the things I’m very interested in so I have a million questions and I’ve seen other people asked about details as well.

Thanks for your proposal. Looking forward to your reply.

Hey @ap3father ! Sorry for the delay in responding. Missed this one in all of the feedback we’ve received. Thanks for your support and trust in Magic Eden. Here are some thoughts in regards to your questions -

  • We can confirm that the marketplace build and contracts will be fully audited before it goes live.

  • Love this idea too. If approved, we’d want to quickly get v1 of this marketplace out for Apes to use. Since we’d prioritize speed, the first version of the marketplace would be at parity with our existing marketplace features and would not yet include direct messaging. The benefit of Magic Eden building this marketplace is that as we add features to our marketplace over time, these will also be available to add to the ApeCoin DAO marketplace. Ability to counter offer for bidding and some form of messaging our both features we are thinking to add over time. At which point, we would also integrate into the ApeCoin marketplace so long as the community desires.

  • Re-iterating the point above that we can explore features like this as a follow-on from the first version of the marketplace. As we want to keep building this marketplace with the community, would love to grab time with you to understand this a bit more about what you are envisioning here. This coincides with some ideas we have in mind to build onto our profile experience too.

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This is great, thanks! Would you be open to having the DAO select the audit team? Or did you have one in mind already?

Hi @magiceden,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- river

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