AIP Idea: A Custom Apecoin Marketplace With 0% $APE Fees and .75% $ETH Fees

Hey @ssp1111 - first off, thanks for the response! Answering all questions below:

  1. Apecoin DAO has a large treasury that’s yet to be depoyed, and the payback on $50K invested is only $5M in GMV given the (~1%) difference in their fees vs. ours. In ~25 BAYC sales the community would earn back the funding.
    1a. If the $50K / $7k APE price tag is prohibitive we can also fund development, but figured it shouldn’t be a sticking point at this price.

  2. We’ve already built everything aside from ERC-20 token support. We’re just waiting on legal to wrap up our partner and user T&C’s and will be launching with several well known partners in late August and September. I suspect we’re actually further along on the core experience then Magic Eden is.

  3. In all marketplace businesses liquidity (or selection) is king. With this in mind I only see opportunity for one ApeCoin approved marketplace to be successful in capturing volume from Opensea, even if it’s not built by us.

Finally, while not asked, Magic Edens build doesn’t include aggregation of listings, and because selection drives performance our current experience is already better set up to capture demand then Magic Eden’s, while in the long run we can drive the best selection through our ‘lowest fee’ listings.

I just created a quick demo to show just how close we are to launch as well, Snag Solutions Demo - YouTube and I look forward to hearing any feedback or additional questions!