Ape Assembly Meeting #7 Agenda

Are these things you want to put up for vote?

I don’t understand the need to change this if you can only put up 6 things every two weeks. I don’t think one day makes a big difference.

I don’t understand what this means. How does it relate to what the Gov Stewards are doing to strenthen proof of personhood in the AA?

I don’t think this is something that needs to be voted on. Just do it and involve the AA in what should be on it.

Per AIP-239 the AA is responsible for determining the term limits of the DAO secretary and electing a new one. I think discussing the term limit should be before the elections.

The Discord is not official, it’s a community run discord. I would first ask if that role could be added and don’t think this is something that would need to go to vote. For Discourse, I think an AIP would need to be written, like they just did for the Beta Testing group.

Need more details on this. The Gov Stewards already put forth a plan.