ApeChain on the Superchain

Great to see an AIP by OP!! As a community member in both APE and OP, I was too impatient so I launched an ApeChain Testnet (OP Stack) via Conduit. If any apes wanna try out OP Stack, you can try it here (or launch your own OP Stack testnet)!

OP has a super cool and enthusiastic dev community. Andrew from Conduit has been very helpful and responsive to my questions for the initial setup of the Sepolia L2 testnet. Right after I posted it. SuperBridge folks jumped in to offer help for customizing the testnet L1/L2 bridge UI. Bridging isn’t too complicate and it’s just like using Uniswap. The native OP cross-layer messaging is quite cool for doing things with APE on L1 and interacting with smart contracts on L2 without extra dependency (open source sample). I’ve been using this testnet for my MadeByApes#218 indie game - Another World. More experiments are on the way!