Hire An Experienced Social Media Professional

They were minor enough to warrant removal.

I don’t have any AIP ideas to “change the admins” nor to “change the special council”. Those aren’t even unfounded, they’re just FALSE.

That you think putting up AIPs for a new voting system change or the hiring of a professional community person (to augment the two we already have) are bad things, is precisely what I’m talking about. You’re making unfounded claims disguised as concern posts - only for the expressed purpose of attacking me. It’s all very transparent. You know that right? I mean, this is you in the voting thread that I put up.

You know how ridiculous that sounds, right? You mean like everyone in the AIP idea thread who just wants to be a part of something instead of just an attack machine that does NOTHING to move the DAO forward? And it’s not a job. It’s an elected position. You know that too, right?

I gave my reasons for withdrawing. And as I had said many times, I would have done it for free.

Thin. Very thin. Written communications without context can be regarded any way depending on the target. I am certain that you know this; but your agenda isn’t to engage in meaningful discussion. It’s to harass, attack and bully the other person because you don’t like them. Just like racism - which is precisely the undertones in your posts that were removed.

Well at least you’ve admitted that you have a problem with me - and thus an agenda. I rest my case.