Leave Staking the F alone!

I tend to agree with you. Many individuals have made decisions on whether to buy a BAYC/MAYC/BAKC and a predetermined amount of $Apecoin based on the staking rewards outlined by the DAO. Reducing the NFT pool rewards from one day to another would betray the trust of all these people and essentially portray the Apecoin DAO as an unstable entity that lacks a clear direction. One day, they decide on X amount of rewards, and the next day, they arbitrarily decide to take them away. This inconsistency would undoubtedly divide the NFT and $APE community, likely leading NFT holders to sell off their $APE and move on.

As a DAO, we should strive to be a robust entity that adheres to its principles and decisions without frequent reversals. If anything, I would be open to the idea of increasing rewards for individuals who choose to lock up their $APE for an extended period. However, to maintain community cohesion and align with Yuga’s vision, it’s crucial to reward those who hold both the NFTs and $APE for a significant duration. These individuals contribute substantial value to the community.

As you rightly stated, the most important thing is to provide more utility for $APE. ApeChain could be instrumental in achieving this goal. In the best interest of everyone involved, we could secure long-term success by encouraging $APE and BAYC/MAYC/BAKC holders to align their interests through locking up their tokens. In return, they would receive yields for providing network security and contributing to token scarcity in the markets, as described here: Slash the ApeCoin Only Staking Pool - #48 by bavi