To support Vora

If we are talking about p2p, then there is a good example - Ni no kuni. You first save up in-game currency and only then you can withdraw any amount in web3 with one transaction. This solves the issue of transaction costs.


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p2p is not stable, a lot of ways to do scam - so not relatable to make the system quicker and easier, so now its necessary to not separate users Yuga for their own Layer2-network for main projects, and for mass-adoption on networks ETH with cheap transactions like OP or ZKstack, must to choose one way :hear_no_evil:


I will always support VORA


Me too, hope will meet you in Fortnite tournamenett fren :cupid: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Most definitely brotha


My time has come to vote i got with Vora, after some deep digging there is a lot going on with this proeject future focus. I just want everyone to make it <3 Wagmi


Same, still waitin for Yuga or ApeCoin supp

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