WG0: A Call for Contributors

No token needed to participate in WG0, token is just for the next steward vote. Discord will be open to anyone with 1 $APE


Congrats! Super excited about the coming months! Looking forward to working with you all!


This is awesome! Great artwork.


Oh don’t you worry, Im gonna be all over it. I was just speaking about the people with the voting tokens, they are important


Yes… huge congrats to @Waabam, @adventurousape, and @Amplify. They are all already wonderful stewards for our DAO. So excited for WG0 and all that comes next!


Alright apes, the WG0 Discord is open and ready! You will need to verify your wallet using Vulcan. Make sure your discord account is connected via Vulcan to the wallet that holds the WG0 ERC721 token. For most of you, this will be the wallet address connected to your discourse account. You can confirm this in your preferences on forum.apecoin.com.

Here is the link: WG0

Come on in! :gorilla::orange_heart:


Congrats @Waabam, @adventurousape & @Amplify! Well deserved. Looking forward to working with you all on the next steps.


Well deserved!!



The elections for the 4 remaining Stewards of WG0 are live at wgzero.eth and will run for 7 days until January 18th, at 6PM PT. All of the candidate profiles have been published in the #wg0-steward-candidates channel in the Working Group Zero Discord here:

Vote on Snapshot for your favorite candidates if you have a WG0 token!:



Hey everyone,

I know the WG0 Discord is open with our Nomination profiles, and I am available there as well. But, I wanted to put a brief statement here as well.

I appreciate everyone taking time to read through all the profiles, it’s no small commitment to stay up to date and involved in the ApeCoin DAO. I am a volunteer at ApeComms, nobody pays me and I do not hold any special privilege in this DAO. I believe that in many ways members of our team have been preparing to do this work for months, some of us have been doing the work already. The core mandate here for WG0 is to execute the RFP process to replace Cartan, which means identifying what they do now and what we actually need from an administrator/ the new working groups. The conceptual discussions about Working Groups are exciting, and identifying action items from those discussions is part of the mandate too, ultimately those structures will be developed with heavy input from members of the community. I know we don’t have everyone in the Discord yet, but I’m still happy to answer questions as they come up here, or there.

Thank you,


I’ve added details to my Steward application thread on the WG0 Discord server and am happy to answer any questions here or in that thread. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about my ideas and vision for our DAO :gorilla: :yellow_heart:


I want to say this vote is the most difficult I have had to take since many of you deserve it and I cannot vote for all of you unfortunately.
The group of nominees is highly qualified and they deserve it. Good luck to all :heart:


gm badteeth + all contributors,

thank you as always for putting this together and getting us on the right path and moving forward. i have 2 qualms with the current process i’d like to voice and didn’t see this vote posted on any of our socials so i will voice them here.

  1. why can i only vote for 1 steward when we are choosing 4? the voter pool for this AIP is already extremely limited (i think only people who have over 50k $ape can vote right?) and i don’t think this structure is optimal for selecting the 4 best candidates. 4 votes would be great but at the minimum can we please do 2? i’m not sure if it’s possible for this current AIP but i would really like to see this changed in the future. we had a similar problem in the last round of voting for special council.

  2. why are replies shut off on discourse when AIPs go live for voting? i wanted to leave feedback on the last major WG0 AIP that was up for vote but wasn’t able to and jmart informed me that replies are disabled once AIPs go live. i think this is dumb, as we don’t have anywhere else to leave official feedback and opinions while people are voting, which i think is important. could we either enable replies on discourse posts while AIPs are live or find another method of communication for discussing live AIPs?

thank you, love you, appreciate you,



I’d like to post my intention to be a WG0 Stuart. You can read my platform here. Vote for me. A vote for Mantis is a vote to bring passion, efficiency and novel solutions to this DAO!


Hi Belfort, porting Twitter answers here:

There’s been a lot of discussion around this but the Stewards & SC ultimately made the call. Key points:
• Rank choice on Snapshot only selects 1 winner
• Voting for WG0 has been previously communicated as 1 wallet = 1 vote
• Highlights the need for better options, which the Governance Focus Group will be working on

I assume this is eliminates a moving target when people are voting e.g. if author provides further updates then voters won’t know at what point they’re voting on.

That being said, having a place to discuss live AIPs would be hugely helpful and definitely something we should look to include in WG0 Discord for now unless someone has a better option.

And thank you!


Gm everybody :cherry_blossom: Wanted to share more on why I’m running for Steward, as well as a visual portfolio of some of the work I’ve done for ApeCoin DAO!

Also linking the thread I wrote on serving you all as Steward: https://twitter.com/halina_eth/status/1614437022764257280?s=20&t=jgBMkhmALi2CEJha_n0oRQ

Thank you so much everybody!! Best of luck to all the other talented people running to become Steward 🫶🏻

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Hey everyone! I want to make sure you know your opinions and values are important to me.

I’m looking for feedback from the community about what you value in a Steward and Working Groups in general. If you could take some time to answer my questions in the Tweet below I would greatly appreciate it!

If you would like to vote for me you can do so here. I would greatly appreciate it!

Even if you have selected someone else, I would still appreciate you filling out my form below so I can hear and incorporate your feedback.


Since it looks like we’re campaigning here, I wanted to make sure you all know why I’m running for Steward of WG0. If you’ve got any questions I’m happy to answer them publicly or privately here, in the WG0 Discord, or on Twitter: @badte_eth

Thank you!

I was the lead author of AIP-196: BORED AIP that established Working Group Zero and I’m running for WG0 Steward in order to see this work through.

My full nominee statement and information are below – but in a nutshell:

  • I led the writing process for AIP-196 amongst a core group of 6 authors including our new Special Council members @BoredApeG and @Gerry, appointed Stewards @Amplify and @Waabam, and Steward nominee @Lost
  • I coordinated and publicly promoted an outreach strategy that socialized the AIP with key stakeholders and secured the support for an orderly transition away from Cartan’s admin services
  • With AIP-196, we’ve now established the WG0 Discord that will give all $APE holders a chance to choose our own destiny and future of the DAO

If you haven’t decided yet on who you’ll vote for in the election – I’d really appreciate your support!

And if you have chosen another candidate, I appreciate your participation and support of ApeCoin DAO.

Thank you for your time!

Badteeth | Josh Friedberg

Twitter: @badte_eth

Co-Founder THE 288

Co-Founder Rara Avis

VOTE HERE :raised_hands:


As lead author of AIP-196: BORED AIP and author of AIP-191: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement Workshop, I have an intimate understanding of the process and key stakeholders that got us to this critical point in the development of the DAO. Thanks to my professional background and my experience in Web3 I have the precise skill set necessary to help guide WG0 through the mandate we outlined in BORED AIP.

My full nominee statement is in the WG0 Discord here and below as well.

Nominee Statement

Motivation: please provide details on your motivation for being an ApeCoin DAO WG0 Steward

As I went through the Special Council nominee process and dug in deep on the DAO it became obvious that there was a significant disconnect between the people doing the work in the DAO on a daily basis and the large APE holders that wind up being deciders on many of the AIPs that have gone to vote.

This lack of alignment between key stakeholders became the catalyst for AIP-191 well before AIP-183 (Cartan extension) failed to pass. Once 183 failed, I realized much of the thinking I had done during the AIP Idea for 191 was applicable to the current situation and utilized it to move quickly on crafting the BORED AIP with a group of committed co-authors.

I dedicated myself non-stop over the holidays, along with many others, to put together an AIP that would help maintain continuity and compliance for ApeCoin DAO in the face of losing our Cayman administrator while at the same time figuring out how to add structure and internal capabilities while further decentralizing the DAO. Just as importantly, I worked behind the scenes to help align support for the AIP with key stakeholders including whales, ApeComms, and more.

With AIP-196 up for vote now and looking well positioned to pass – I’m excited to continue to play an integral role in solidifying the foundation of the DAO as a Steward in WG0.

Rationale: do you have any previous experience that is relevant to the role of a Steward of WG0? Please discuss any skills relevant to this position and how these will bring value to WG0

I was the lead author on AIP-196: BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization: AIP-196: BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization

BORED AIP will enable a smooth transition through the Cartan transition and create a solid foundation for the future of ApeCoin DAO by proposing the structure necessary to build internal capabilities while further decentralizing the DAO.

I authored AIP-191: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement Workshop: AIP-191: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement Workshop

When the BORED AIP passes, we’ll have a working group of key stakeholders that can propose the best possible structure for operationalizing the DAO moving forward – but without a clear mission, we’ll still lack the alignment we need to truly change the world.

Workshopping this mission statement with the input of all interested ApeCoin DAO members is the best way to create the Northstar we need to focus our structure, inspire participation, and build an amazing future for ApeCoin together.

I’m also an NFT degen – I’ve been engaged and learning everything I can about the space for nearly two years and have developed a broad understanding of the NFT space as a whole. I’m deeply immersed and invested in the Yuga ecosystem. I’ve launched multiple Web3 projects and I’ve developed relationships across the Web3 space that will help advance the cause of the ApeCoin DAO.

Specifications: crypto governance participation, governance experience, and previous experience (work or education)

I spent 7 years in the Olympic Movement dealing with the myriad governance challenges that come with introducing a culture-based sport to the Olympic Games at both a national and international level.

Professional Background:

A former professional skateboarder, co-founder of 411 Video Magazine, and co-creator of Innoskate in conjunction with the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

Since 2015, Friedberg has served as Executive Director of the International Skateboarding Federation (ISF), Skateboarding Director at World Skate, and from 2019-2022, CEO of USA Skateboarding.

Josh has worked with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee (TOCOG), and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) to help bring an authentic representation of skateboarding as sport, art, and culture to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

In 2021, Josh co-founded Kai Roses, Inc. Focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, and Web3 technologies, the company is structured to incubate startups and introduce springboard learning opportunities to young people so they can thrive during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Concluding statement: summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice to be a WG0 Steward

I’ve spent my life at the intersection of art, sport, and technology and I’ve been fortunate to help pioneer some major cultural advances in my chosen world.

411VM connected skateboarders around the globe to what they loved before the internet. Innoskate has brought the Smithonian and skateboarding together in what the National Museum of American History has called their most successful partnership with an outside group, ever. And despite the challenges of the pandemic, skateboarding’s debut in the Tokyo Olympic Games was an incredibly successful watershed moment for culture-based sport.

Connecting people and passion in an authentic way has been my strength, and with my passion for Web3 and the ApeCoin ecosystem I look forward to doing the same for the ApeCoin DAO as we chart a course to the future built upon the strong foundation of Working Group Zero.



Lead Author

AIP-196: BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization


AIP-191: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement Workshop


I feel exactly same way . I’m new and here to help anyway I can .


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