10+ Week wait for approved AIP funds.

Over the past few weeks we have received numerous messages asking about the delivery of our approved AIP-112, this is a letter to the community to let everyone know that unfortunately the delays are out of our control and we have not yet received the funding that the DAO approved 10 weeks ago.

AIP-112 was submitted Sept. 5th and passed snapshot with a 94.5% vote on Oct 26th. The lack of communication and follow-through by Cartan is extremely disappointing and has us at a stand still as the majority of the funds are going towards production costs. This delay reflects poorly on us as our entire production process has been pushed back nearly 2 months.

We understand that the holidays get busy and there has been quite a bit going internally however, it has now been 10 weeks since our AIP passed and we are still without our grant. We are asking Cartan to take immediate action to rectify this situation and fulfill the promise of service that was made to the DAO.

We are beyond excited to bring our products and ideas to life and thank everyone for their patience.


Transparency and accountability have failed that’s why ApeDAO would be better if some of grants decision processes could be implemented on-chain. IMO the success of decentralized ApeCoin DAO is so important.


Hey @12GAUGE,

Firstly, thank you for submitting so many fun ideas to the DAO. Many of us are absolutely counting the days until the first activation. While I understand that there are legal hurdles involved with finalizing and executing the grant agreement of any AIP… It’s a shame that this is happening right now, even despite how busy the admins have been over the last quarter - it’s not acceptable and there needs to be some sense of priority for AIPs that have been approved by the community.

Thank you for raising your voice about this,


Hey @12GAUGE I’m sorry this is happening to you (and others) and thanks for bringing attention to this. It’s simply not acceptable.

Delays like this not only affect the those who already have approved proposals waiting to be funded but other builders who might be hesitant to propose their idea out of fear of something similar happening to them.

Hopefully your situation and others are resolved soon and the process can be fixed going forward. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. :gorilla: :yellow_heart:


Wow… That’s why I believe that on-chain governance helps prevent this kind of problems. This should’ve never happened in the first place… I’m confident with the upcoming WG0 and new SC members we’ll be able to work on something to prevent this from happening in the future.


WOW! This is insane. What is our recourse when Admin did/does not handle their position properly? If any. Maybe something to consider, what is the firing process. What vendor agreements we have in place just addressing confidentiality and minimum service to sustain the DAO depending on the vendor’s role/services provided to the DAO.

I hope that with new systems in place, we will not have to have more of this.


Need to address when signing the SLA. Have to specify certain terms and conditions that services need to be fulfilled, if vendors cannot meet SLA ( Service Level Agreement), signed agreement can be terminated.


Do you have any examples of other DAOs that have successfully implemented on-chain decision processes that run parallel to what you are thinking - asking so i can do research


We are currently transitioning away from cartan already, this was one of the main points of AIP-196


In order to start decentralizing the ApeDAO, we need support from the SCs and then create the working group to hammer out the details. I don’t think any existing DAOs has implemented such on-chain smart contracts based decision making processes for management purposes, and especially risk assessment and management purposes.

IMO, It is hard to have a group of individuals who have the same interests, forming a working group and getting something done is hard, and getting full support from SCs is even harder since you know how DAO internally works !

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Fund distribution especially post approval is something which can be baked at a protocol level . Current Apecoin DAO tech stack is not defined to do that.

You can check Nouns governance where the DAO can do the following things onchain upon vote execution -

  • Send one-time transactions
  • Stream funds in a milestone fashion / Stream funds continuously with sablier
  • Deploy new contracts
  • Deploy new mints (NFTs / ERC 721s) with rev splits
    etc among other things.

There should ideally be a tech pod internally funded by the DAO which hires resident technologists to research and build tooling for the immediate DAO needs.

For wider community usage, refer to ideas like prophouse


Heyo @supriyo,

Totally support more onchain automation as much as is feasibly possible for our DAO. Our IRL Events Working Group is working with Seneca to establish our own Prop House and once they get it ready for primetime, Community Houses.

If you have experience in the Community Houses, would love to connect.



Absolutely happy to chat :slight_smile: However, with seneca you have the top guy to consult with already :smiley:

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