Accept APE or can Mint in ApeCoin?

Have you minted with the payment in APE?

Do you know of Mints that happened in APE. If you know of mints in the past add the information about them here.

Do you want to know how to Mint in APE? Can we share experiences setting this up so others can replicate quickly and in a cost effective manner.

For live or future mints in APE, please verify any links people may post below and don’t connect your non minting wallet (safety first).

@AllCityBAYC @0xWebMoss @Feld


Could you show how to do it?


Yes, @Fuego has a mint in $APE for his Twisted Ape liquor. I also accept $APE on Boring Merch (although it’s not a “mint”).


Good point, I will change the name.


Twisted Ape mint is 69 $APE

Can see it here:

I can help set this up at a low cost.


I have only used the Ape accelerator launch pad to mint an Nft on testnet the payment was with ape, and it was a smooth process

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I haven’t personally tried minting with APE as payment, but I’m intrigued to learn more about the process

How great, great to bring our web3 usability together with the real world, I love it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know do it!
Cool project from a fellow ape, you can buy in apecoin via delegated and the token is bound to your ape but better read it yourself!
Nice initiative!


Like minting an NFT using $APE as a currency or. paying using $APE, I’m not sure I understand

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