Adventurous Ape's WG0 Steward Application

Hi everyone!

I was one of the three people selected by the Special Council to be a Steward for WG0 per AIP-196: BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization. Because of that, my application was not posted anywhere for the community to see so I thought I would share it here in order to increase transparency. (I did remove the names of specific places in this post)

I qualified to submit for this position by achieving Trust level 3 here in Discourse as of Dec 21. The purpose of these appointments was to be able to have the resources in place to hit the ground running immediately upon the commencement of the mandate. The criteria was agreed on by the community through the voting and passing of the AIP, and was discussed here on Discourse and in other channels, before the AIP was put up for a vote.

If you haven’t already, please join the WG0 discord! There you can join in focus group forum discussions by going to select-wg-roles and choosing any that you are interested in. Any focus groups that fall under those selected roles will then appear. There are also workshops that you can attend and contribute to. You can find the ones currently scheduled under Events in the top left.

(edited to remove old link to WG0 discord)

I am very honored to have been selected as a Steward and appreciate the opportunity to serve the community! My application is below:

Application Statement:
I am excited to be a candidate for WG0 Steward. With a proven background in working with others in Web3 to get things accomplished in a short amount of time, extensive research experience, and deep knowledge of the ApeCoin DAO, I believe I have the skills and experience necessary to greatly contribute as a Steward to the success of WG0.

Through WG0, the ApeCoin DAO has the opportunity to put the structure in place to become more decentralized and transparent as well as set it up for success by giving the DAO guidance on how to build the necessary working groups it will need to streamline the AIP process and grow the amount of active contributors.

I’m a big believer in decentralized governance and community-driven decision making and am thrilled for the opportunity to contribute my skills and ideas to this important project. I believe I bring valuable perspective and expertise to the table. I am highly motivated, dedicated, eager to hit the ground running, and make a positive impact.

My proven track record in Web3 shows my ability to get things done, work with others in a collaborative environment, and communicate important information to others.

In June, 2021, I co-established and became a mod for the Ladies Lounge Discord. It was started by a small group of women who met in a channel called the Ladies Room in the BAYC Discord. Since women only make up 28% of crypto owners, we saw and fulfilled a need for a safe space for women in Web3, especially after the Ladies Room channel was eliminated.

I worked collaboratively with six other women utilizing Twitter, Discord, Zoom, and email to put together the sold out Inaugural Ladies of BAYC “Not a +1” event held during NFT.NYC in June, 2022, which was attended by many of the powerhouse women in the BAYC space including many women from Yuga and former CEO, Nicole Muniz. We planned this event in 2 months. I started the @LadiesofBAYC Twitter account around the same time and handed the keys over to Bored Nene this summer so she could build the account and I could focus on the DAO.

I have been a part of arguably the first unofficial working group of the ApeCoin DAO, now known as ApeComms, since August and have worked closely with the team to modify our proposals and activities based on the changing needs and input from the community.

My ability and commitment to onboard people to the DAO will also bring value to WG0. I onboarded fellow ApeComms member Halina, around 10 people to the unofficial discord, and am working with other members of ApeComms to help onboard people into the working groups suggested by WG0. Since August, I have provided 1:1 advice and feedback on proposals as well as helped others understand how the DAO works and the AIP process.

Because of the gender gap in crypto leadership positions (less than 5% are crypto founders and less than 10% are crypto fund partners), I saw a need to highlight the five women running for Special Council. I organized and co-hosted a collaborative Twitter Spaces with all five women Nominees, ApeComms, and The Ladies of BAYC.

With a keen eye for detail and a strong desire to continually learn and ask questions, I often notice things that others don’t. I have read every comment in the unofficial ApeCoin and ApeComms Discord, have achieved TL3 (Trust Level 3 - Regular Badge) on Discourse and pay close attention to sentiment on Twitter. I’ve been on calls with Brandon with the Apecomms team, and have asked questions about how things work like why the DAO isn’t set up to receive funds (and what it would take in order to do so) and the role of the Special Council. I’ve also listened to every Cartan Office Hours, and attended the last one.

Consistent and ongoing communication with the community will be necessary in order for WG0 to be a success. I have written threads to keep the community updated on subjects such as the bug bounty for staking, the Special Council election nominees and how to vote on Snapshot, as well as designed graphics to announce the Special Council candidates and congratulate the winners.

I believe in being proactive when it comes to the regulatory environment and have been researching ways for the ApeCoin DAO to be a part of regulatory conversations starting in the US, but plan to look into organizations that are involved in other parts of the world as well.

I have been an active member of the unofficial ApeCoin Discord since I joined in April, 2022, have achieved TL-3 on Discourse, and have voted on over 50% of the AIPs on Snapshot. When the DAO first began, I started researching how it is structured and how it works. I started reading through the ApeCoin website and Discourse right after ApeCoin was launched, but didn’t create a Discourse account until May. I sought out the unofficial Discord and have been an active participant since April.

In March of 2021, when I bought my first NFTs (music and art), I started the Twitter account @NFT_Community, to support the artists in the space while I use it to learn. Later that same month, I created a second Twitter account, @Web3_Music, which focuses on the emerging web3 music industry. I became an active member of the BAYC the day after mint and am an active member of the Pink DAO and Ladies of BAYC.

In the past, I have devised and implemented marketing and advertising campaigns from inception to completion for a medium sized manufacturing business. This entailed prospecting for new business through networking, sales presentations, trade shows, the company website, email, direct mail, industry resources, and the internet as well as compiling a database of leads. I coordinated with various departments to create sales and financial presentations and assisted in sales calls to Fortune 500 companies. My responsibilities also included designing brochures, flyers, booklets, promotional items, trade show displays, and the company website.

As an outside sales representative and independent contractor, I sold and promoted various products and services utilizing B2B and B2C cold calls, in-store promotions, residential cold calls, and booths at events. I test marketed new products and services for Fortune 500 companies and developed breakthrough product and service sales presentations. I also spearheaded a team of sales representatives, interviewed potential sales representatives, trained and guided new sales representatives, developed and delivered presentations to motivate them, and conducted team and office meetings. As a technical recruiter I reviewed resumes, identified, recruited, screened, and presented the best candidates to hiring managers.

I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation. While getting my master’s, I was awarded national conference scholarships where I met the leaders in the field. I was heavily involved with research and statistics in both my classes and assistantships. I had several practicums and an internship at a major Medical Center in which I worked with people with acute psychological issues. During my internship, I planned and facilitated one-on-one and up to seven daily group interventions in areas such as communication skills, assertiveness training, problem solving, decision making, rational thinking, self-esteem, anger management, and stress management. I also performed assessment interviews, wrote treatment plans including detailed goals and objectives, completed daily documentation on each patient, and formulated discharge plans.

Concluding statement:
I believe I would be the best choice to be a WGO Steward because I have been highly involved in the DAO since late June, have an extremely strong work ethic and research skills, pay close attention to details that others may miss or not be thinking about, and am committed to transparent and effective communication around WG0.
I am able to effectively manage tasks and delegate responsibilities as well as stay calm under pressure. I am confident my skills and experience make me an excellent fit for this role and enable me to handle any challenges that may arise. I look forward to contributing to the success of WG0!


Congratulations! You are amazingly well fitted for the role that you play. It is admirable! Ken


Thanks Ken! Really appreciate your kind words!


Stoked to have you, @adventurousape!

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Thanks @CryptoLogically!

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