Africa ApeCoin Community

Gm @0xSword

My personal journey with web3 started in 2019 when I attended my very first EthGlobal EthCapeTown hackathon event. As a developer, I was interested in web3, but truly fell in love with it after that.

It’s been a four year adventure since, with me attending as many virtual or online hackathons as I could muster, building different projects, learning, growing and meeting new frens in the web3 space. One thing that has always been very attractive to me is the way the web3 community comes together, across borders and seas, to create and innovate together…there’s no boundaries except the ones you imagine.

The Africa ApeCoin Community is still finding our feet, we have recently started a discord and twitter channels and gathering our troops within the ApeCoin DAO.

There has been some discussion around the official name to use and we would ideally like the AAC to be seen as an “Empowered by ApeCoin” initiative, I believe that should be our main ethos, to empower people to begin their web3 journey, help them grow and get involved.

At present we have a few members from South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Cape Verde that I’ve identified, and their interests or skills include artists, writers, developers and all are DAO members currently.

We have a possible ThankApe initiative in mind that we would like to work on as a community, this will support AIP 251 by @BojangleGuy which just passed, for more info please see

Please let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions