Africa ApeCoin Community

Africa ApeCoin Community

Ecosystem Fund Allocation and Brand Decision

Craig Moss (0xWebMoss)
South Africa


The Africa ApeCoin Community proposal aims to fund and support the growth of the web3 community in Africa, involved in various online and offline activities throughout the continent.

The group is requesting a monthly allocation of $10 000,00 in ApeCoin (APE Token) for a year to facilitate their community-building initiatives and events, including compensating community managers, delegation leaders, content creators, developers and supporting hackathons and ThankAPE initiatives, as well as support a charity or benefit for the under privileged.


The AAC community managers have become actively involved in the ApeCoin ecosystem, contributing to both online and offline community building. They have demonstrated a commitment to the growth of the Ape Ecosystem by hosting various events, participating in DAO activities, and managing an online presence. The requested funding aims to further amplify these efforts and foster the growth of this vibrant community.


By supporting communities like the Africa ApeCoin Community or AAC, we can further the decentralisation and grassroots growth of the ApeCoin Ecosystem. This community’s activities align with the greater mission and their efforts will enhance the visibility and awareness of web3, benefiting the entire ecosystem.


The AAC will use the allocated funds to:

  1. Compensate community managers and delegation leaders, acknowledging their valuable contribution to the community.

  2. Support various content artists, creators and developers producing engaging digital assets about ApeCoin, the ApeCoin DAO and the AAC community’s activities including ThankAPE initiatives.

  3. Support 1 African community/charity project, including fund raising and growth support.

  4. Hold regular Twitter Spaces (minimum 2 per month)

The community’s DAO representative, known as “BojangleGuy” and “0xWebMoss”, will continue to attend key Ape meetings and contribute to forums, further integrating the community into the wider Ape family.

  1. Maintain a Treasury with transparent records of expenditure.


For those interested in joining the Africa ApeCoin Community, you are encouraged to visit their Twitter channel and website coming soon. Links to these platforms can be found here:

Email: coming soon


Upon approval, the funding will commence immediately, with monthly disbursements of $10,000 in ApeCoin (APE Token) for the period of one year or 12 months in total. Note: A renewal may be requested in month 10 or 11, to continue the community efforts without disturbing the processes in place.


The total cost of this proposal to the DAO is $120 000.00 in ApeCoin (APE Token) over a year. The long-term gains expected from community growth, increased web3 adoption and awareness of the ApeCoin Ecosystem and the ApeCoin DAO.


2x Community Managers $1500.00 per manager each month
Expense Allowance $2000.00 per month, will accrue any unused funds
Growth Funding $5000.00 per month, will accrue any unused funds

*Amounts above shown in USD value would be paid in APE Token.

The Community Managers will act as spokespersons, treasury and leaders of the AAC and drive web3 growth and development in our African continent.

The Expense Allowance will be used to pay community members for their contribution including design work, development, marketing or can be used for travel to events, accommodation, stationary, printing, marketing & materials for the Africa ApeCoin Community Projects and events.

The Growth Fund will be used to support IRL events, Charities, Hackathons and other IRL events to further the growth of the ApeCoin community in Africa. This will be reserved to give back to the community and build initiatives with ThankAPE and other ApeCoin DAO initiatives.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the AAC proposal and we look forward to your valued feedback and comments/suggestions on how to make this initiative a success for all involved

Craig Moss

Dear ApeCoin Community
Thank you for your initial feedback, overall feeling is positive. I’ve asked to withdraw this AIP for the interim, so we can better structure it, and provide an outline and breakdown of initiatives and growth opportunities we could utilize. Please check back for updates or follow our community channel in discord. Thanks 0xWebMoss

Africa is a very big continent with a lot of different countries and languages. This is not narrow enough and no data or proof of work presented. This DAOP is not about managment but inclusivity. I am personally do not looking for any ever.


Hello @TheFatherOfAllStorms, thanks for your feedback, and agreed, Africa is a large continent. Currently we have almost 10 ApeCoin DAO members from South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Cape Verde for example, and hope to gain more members from different countries as we grow the group organically.

We have identified different events like EthAccra, EthKenya and ETHCapeTown as hackathon events we would like to get involved in and support, either as prize sponsors of the events or by aiding teams to attend and “hack” at these events.

Apologies but I dont quite follow your meaning here, may I kindly ask you to elaborate.

This DAOP is not about managment but inclusivity. I am personally do not looking for any ever.

Thank you again for your feedback


I would like to share this AIP as reference to the type of events we would like to work with to support and grow our African web3 talent.

Encode Club x ETHSafari Hackathon: Prizewinners and Summary Encode Club x ETHSafari Hackathon: Prizewinners and Summary | by Tina Bregović | Encode Club | Medium

An example of an initiative we could/would support and add value to, this could be in the form of providing computers, or further education/training in web3, just some examples.


Hey! You all have been building this on discord for a while!

Can you share more about your journey here and how the AAC is coming together?


Hey Africa community! Welcome guys and girls!


Gm @0xSword

My personal journey with web3 started in 2019 when I attended my very first EthGlobal EthCapeTown hackathon event. As a developer, I was interested in web3, but truly fell in love with it after that.

It’s been a four year adventure since, with me attending as many virtual or online hackathons as I could muster, building different projects, learning, growing and meeting new frens in the web3 space. One thing that has always been very attractive to me is the way the web3 community comes together, across borders and seas, to create and innovate together…there’s no boundaries except the ones you imagine.

The Africa ApeCoin Community is still finding our feet, we have recently started a discord and twitter channels and gathering our troops within the ApeCoin DAO.

There has been some discussion around the official name to use and we would ideally like the AAC to be seen as an “Empowered by ApeCoin” initiative, I believe that should be our main ethos, to empower people to begin their web3 journey, help them grow and get involved.

At present we have a few members from South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Cape Verde that I’ve identified, and their interests or skills include artists, writers, developers and all are DAO members currently.

We have a possible ThankApe initiative in mind that we would like to work on as a community, this will support AIP 251 by @BojangleGuy which just passed, for more info please see

Please let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions


It’s exciting to see the growth and engagement of the Africa ApeCoin Community in the ApeCoin ecosystem. You guys have been building for a while now. I appreciate the effort and dedication and looking forward to witnessing the progress and impact of the AAC in the coming months.


Congrats on your promotion to Regular status, @0xWebMoss!


Once we have a clearer understanding of the allocation breakdown, I believe it will be easier for the community to evaluate and provide meaningful feedback. Let’s continue the discussion and work together to support the growth of the AAC community.


This is awesome. I have a few ideas to help spread ApeCoin awareness and adoption in Nigeria and Africa. There are so many talented folks in Africa who will leverage the power of ApeCoin to do something magnificent.

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Firstly, thanks to your post here, I just learned about & am very interested in AAC!
Over the past two years, some of my most treasured digital art NFTs are by artists from Nigeria & Ghana. So much talent from the region is so often overlooked.

Looking forward to following the journey of this idea. :handshake:


Thanks @Cardo

I want to hear them all, we have a fantastic platform available to us all! After an amazing ThankApe : Ape In Art contest, I’m sure we also have a springboard to launch more creators and builders into the web3 cryptosphere

Feel free to drop your ideas in our group channel on discord so we can build on this AIP Idea :bulb:


Appreciate the feedback @JustFred
Please feel free to join our group channels, even if you just want to follow along, let’s find more of those gems :gem:


Of course, will do! :100: :handshake:


Well done, great proposal


Hi @0xWebMoss,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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