Community Call: Clubs & Chapters


The “Community Call: Clubs & Chapters” proposal aims to invite and encourage clubs, chapters, and online communities to apply for DAO funding. It outlines recommendations for these groups to leverage the existing DAO approval process to secure monthly funding for their initiatives, including community management, online content creation, and members building with IP, with the overarching goal of promoting Apecoin as the primary economy in their communities.


This proposal seeks to empower online communities and businesses in the web3 space to grow and thrive with the support of Apecoin’s DAO. By supporting these entities, we can foster increased adoption and usage of Apecoin and strengthen the ecosystem as a whole.


Encouraging clubs, chapters, and online communities to apply for DAO funding allows these entities to expand their reach and influence. It creates a diverse ecosystem of Apecoin-powered projects and initiatives and helps to decentralize the growth and development of the Apecoin ecosystem.


The proposal outlines the following recommendations for communities to follow when requesting funding:

  1. Applicants should create a straightforward proposal detailing their activities, including social media links, online Discord community, merchandise stores, and past activities.
  2. Applicants are encouraged to request a reasonable monthly allocation and set up a delegate voting wallet to participate in weekly voting.
  3. Each club or chapter should appoint a representative who will engage in DAO-wide events such as the Ape Assembly, forum participation, as well as future initiatives.
  4. Applicants should provide attachments with their submissions, including a detailed proposal using the provided template and instructions.

The following attachment documents give additional recommendations for community leaders who are interested in participating in this way, including ideas for becoming a voting delegation, issuing small grants for their community, and hosting events both online and in person.

Attachment Documents:
Getting Started (v1).pdf (53.7 KB)
Evaluating Community Proposals (v1).pdf (52.9 KB)
Sample Proposal (v1).pdf (49.5 KB)


Upon approval of this proposal, interested clubs, chapters, and online communities can begin submitting their funding requests immediately.

Overall Cost

This proposal is an informational one with minimal direct costs to the DAO. However, the potential increase in monthly allocations to support these communities will be determined by the individual proposals submitted by clubs and chapters in response to this call. The value gained through enhanced community growth and Apecoin adoption is expected to significantly outweigh these costs.

This is an informational proposal meant to signal community leaders to apply for funding. It includes recommendations to seek monthly ongoing allocations to be distributed to community managers, content creators, & members with IP projects. I’d like to improve the attachment documents before release.


Seems Interesting enough. Let’s see where you go with this.


I love this idea. This would encourage more community collaboration and give a greater voice to Apecoin holders across the world.
My only submission is that the DAO should support the club in the initial days only and subsequently, after a pre decided time period, these clubs must be self sustaining with the DAO only stepping in during major events that give visibility to Apecoin.


Thank you @srinigoes Using informational proposals to gauge DAO sentiment and provide information seems like a good way to approach some topics. I think there are a lot of clubs that could really do cool stuff with one year of funding.

If we could do about 20 of these @ 4-8k APE a month, that’s about 2m Apecoin a year. It’d be fun to review these and join relevant clubs too. Just need leaders to be given some resources + indication that these type of proposals will be welcomed here.


I disagree. Too many chapters with such a small community and not saying to spend another 2m for nothing.

It seems really intresting for the development of the DAO. Collaborations could make the ApeCoin’s DAO grow really quick if it’s done the right way, as you detailed in the Specifications.
Let’s see how it will be done

Love the direction of this proposal and have a few questions if I may @0xSword.

I recognized the need for an Africa ApeCoin Club and started a group in discord to gather our troops, its still a new chapter if I can call it that.

  1. Would this be limited to holders of BAYC and MAYC NFT’S or would holding an APE token suffice. Reason I ask is its very unlikely we would have any or very few Ape NFT holders in Africa and would need to accommodate people from poorer countries within our continent.

  2. Would it be acceptable to use our current group in discord instead of creating a separate discord server, at least in the beginning. I feel it will be more beneficial utilizing what has been setup already and allow us to grow our userbase with pace and vigour. Theres lots of resources and integrations already in place that would aid our efforts and would also keep costs down for the chapter.

I know for a fact there is already a small Africa group I could approach within EthGlobal so have a good starting point. I’m sure if I reach out to Kartik and Emily (South African) from EthGlobal then we could possibly collaborate with them to aid our efforts and possibly raise additional funding via a well known and established organization with a great reputation to boot.

I strongly believe we can create something special to grow and support our web3 community and showcase the power of ApeCoin in Mother Africa. We have some excellent AIP’s already that would be fantastic to support like the school in Ghana ApeCoinDAO funded primary school in Ghana

In addition there are a few hackathons and events we could get involved in as sponsors for example like EthKenya, EthAccra and also ETHCapeTown to name a few. Please note these are not official EthGlobal events currently.

I would like to work on a proposal with the help of @BojangleGuy @apboatt and @Cardo who have joined the Africa ApeCoin Club and see how we can make this a huge success. Africa has its own unique needs as often we find corruption and greed within our governments, etc. and blockchain technologies offer some excellent solutions to our unique challenges.

Thank you in advance.


Craig Moss


@0xSword Ahoy there, I’ve had a similar idea with the outmost outcome leading to the adoption of Apecoin in Africa, the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies in developing economies is remarkable, and Africa’s dynamic tech and entrepreneurial landscape present a prime opportunity for such an initiative to flourish. Let’s see how this goes. Great initiative :+1:t5: :+1:t5: :100:


Ayee! @0xWebMoss I am thrilled to hear that you are looking forward to collaborate to help ApeCoin achieve massive growth in Africa, positioning the ApeCoin DAO as a trailblazer in the web3 arena. @OnlyDVC and @KellyCypher are esteemed builders from Africa too and they possess invaluable skills and are ready to make significant contributions.


@0xWebMoss @apboatt I’m honored to be recognized as someone who can contribute to the growth of ApeCoin in Africa. I am confident that together we can make significant contributions and help position the ApeCoin DAO as a trailblazer in the web3 ecosystem :fire::fire:


Hello @0xWebMoss. Yes your Africa ApeCoin Club is a valid chapter that I’m sure would be considered by the token holders. It is not necessary to be holders of BAYC and MAYC, but I do recommend a focus and emphasis on things that are culturally aligned with the rest of the ape communities, such as web3, otherside, gaming activations, IP building. I also recommend a simple proposal like the sample above.

The recommendations provided around discord and management of socials in the above documentation are for leaders like you to decide how to implement. By requesting a monthly allocation for one year, I believe your Africa Apecoin Club is best positioned to make impactful decisions both online & locally. You know best how your community & club can make a difference.

I think this approach will work for many.

Please be aware that use of the Apecoin name can require a more advanced proposal. It also carries certain brand risks, and may contribute to delays during the processing stage. That’s my initial thoughts!


I’m totally down on working on this


Yes, yes, yes, three keywords being empower, grow, and support.


Yessirrr Let’s go get it :fire: :+1:t5:


Thank you for your feedback and assistance @0xSword.

Our main ethos will be to empower African communities through web3 and all it ecompasses.

If you give a man a fish, you have fed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish, you have fed him for a lifetime.

With the support of ApeCoin and the DAO community, I’m certain we can make a huge difference in peoples lives and give them the tools needed to do great things in the Web3 space.

Thank you for your recommendation regarding the naming of the chapter.

Craig Moss (0xWebMoss)


So I’m working on adding a few Steps to Implement but I’m not certain on how I’d like to approach it. I’m considering adding this, or some form. Would love some input.

Steps to Implement

  • Community-led initiatives like the Ape Assembly can encourage participation
  • Leaders already amongst the community can share experience and support growth
  • Monthly Saturday meetings for those who want to get involved more
  • This informational proposal serves to signal token holder support

I’m just tryin to think how to give people the confidence to put forward a proposal and also share an idea that sub-communities within the ape ecosystem could power their creators and community managers. They’d damn near could be considered sub-daos, able to host and do grants autonomously.

We could power 20 or 30 for a lot of years for very little really. We have a shine-y new thing called the Ape Assembly which has a lot of potential as a gather spot. Anyone who has ideas about implementation steps, hey im here for it. How does this idea get to a polished form…?


Hi @0xSword,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Great point, perhaps a large chapter per continent or large metropolis, which caters to sub-communities within.

As an example we could have one club for Africa as a whole which is massive, but each country within can make requests, proposals to the main chapter for event funding, sponsorship, etc.

We could then split off a local chapter if it hits a group count of say 30 or 50, then they can submit proposals up the chain. Leaders will emerge from the sub communities and will understand the needs of their locals better and we support the efforts when they arise.

Would keep costs down yet allow growth organically. If there was a local initiative then it can be supported if valid and growth potential is good.

Penny for your thoughts


Hello @amplify.admin i would like to extend this idea for an additional 7 days. It deserves evaluation by community leaders. I’m currently seeking input on how to best provide easy resources to utilize this community call in an impactful way.

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