ApeCoin DAO Sponsors Delegation

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PROPOSAL NAME: ApeCoin DAO Sponsors Delegation

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


This proposal aims to increase awareness and incentivize more $APE holders to delegate their ApeCoin to people and/or groups they support to add more $APE into the overall DAO ecosystem. The DAO will sponsor delegation for users who wish to delegate that have 50+ $APE. This means a user can come to https://delegate.apecoin.com/ and select to delegate a person/group and sign and done. The DAO will handle the backend transaction by paying the gas fee.


  • Delegated Individuals/Groups can raise more $APE more effectively.
  • The DAO is investing in growth and user base by expanding its exposure.
  • Users can delegate and have an optimized experience.


Will need to implement a technology to handle the on-chain gas fees as they come in to be settled right away.


Add a layer to view how much $APE a user has to auto-trigger a sponsored delegation.

Only delegating gets sponsored, not un-delegating.


0 $APE

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I encourage people to participate more VS delegating

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