AIP-292: Inclusive Governance: Delegate Community Program

Proposal Name: Inclusive Governance: Delegate Community Program

Proposal Category: Process


This proposal seeks approval to establish a process and framework to build out a “Delegate Community Program" for the purpose of fostering inclusivity, further decentralization of cultural governance, and encouraging collaboration with ApeCoin from diverse web3 communities.

A ‘Delegate Community’ in essence acts as a sub-DAO and utilizes voting rights delegated to it by the ApeCoin DAO. Per any other delegate voting entity, the $ape tokens remain in the custody of the owner - in this case the ApeCoin DAO

‘Delegate Communities’ will establish Snapshot Organisations which will deploy ERC-721 strategies, enabling their respective communities to vote on proposals using their own NFTs. In turn, the result of their internal vote will dictate the direction of their delegated ApeCoin vote. This mirrors the Mocaveerse model.

To incentivise participation, ‘Delegate Communities’ will receive a share of TBD $ape grant on a TBD frequency for participating in a TBD percentage of AIPs.

Much like recent Working Group AIPs, this proposal is not requesting approval for the final program implementation. Rather, this proposal is introducing voters to the concept of delegating power to and incentivising communities across web3 to engage with ApeCoin and its governance.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is NO COST FOR THIS INITIAL PROPOSAL.

If successfully passed, however, there will be a follow-up proposal to outline and agree the process for:

  • Implementation
    • Period Covered: Fixed, Rolling etc
  • Vote Delegation
    • How many votes to ring fence and delegate
  • Delegate Community Selection
    • How many
    • Qualifying Criteria
  • Rewards/Incentives
    • Amount of $ape for the rewards
    • Frequency of rewards
    • Qualification/KPIs
  • Administrative Oversight
    • People - who is managing this stream
    • How are they incentivised
    • How is success (theirs and the proposal) measured
    • Detailed overview of the deployable process including systems, transparency and community engagement

I intend to work with the Ape Assembly to propose the above items and any other considerations that will be needed to implement the final process.


@NFD - Head of Partnerships at Novel Labs and 2023 Special Council Nominee. Through my campaigning during election season it was clear to me that the DAO suffers from two core issues: a lack of engagement/participation and a lack of growth. This proposal, although conceptual, goes some distance in addressing those issues directly and indirectly.


ApeCoin DAO participation lacks representation from communities outside of Yuga Labs, limiting the diversity of perspectives. The “Inclusive Governance: Delegate Community Program” addresses this by incentivizing leading NFT projects to participate in the ApeCoin DAO, serving as an onboarding tool for builders from those communities and fostering engagement with the broader ApeCoin ecosystem.

We spend a great deal of time talking about the need for greater awareness and participation in the DAO and wider use cases for ApeCoin itself, often citing the need to look beyond the current web3 space. However, there are a great many communities and projects in our existing market who have skilled, enthusiastic builders who could be materially moving the dial in terms of bringing the next ‘big thing’ to ApeCoin.

This proposal goes a long way in establishing a productive network effect.


This proposal is well aligned with the ApeCoin DAOs mission and guiding values. Particularly in regards to ‘Boldness’, this proposal is a fresh take on improving the governance process and engagement with ApeCoin DAO and its native token whilst empowering peers across the space.

Benefit to Apecoin Ecosystem:

By creating delegate communities, the DAO benefits from distribution via new, currently disengaged communities. New, diverse perspectives from these communities will increase and improve AIP creation potentially leading to better governance and growth of the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Key Terms:

  • Delegate Community: an NFT project that has been selected (criteria TBD) and has had voting rights delegated to it from the ApeCoin DAO. Note, this does not involve a transfer of $ape; which remains in the custody of the ApeCoin DAO at all times
  • Ape Assembly: up to 100 of the most active contributors within the ApeCoin DAO
  • TBD: To Be Determined


None in this concept proposal


Upon approval, bring a finalised AIP - outlining implementable program - within two weeks.

Steps to Implement:

Step 1: Approve this concept proposal

Step 2: Follow up proposal to include deployable plan including - but not limited to - the items listed in the above abstract. This final proposal will be listed as an idea to gather feedback, refined and then put up for vote as a formal AIP.

Overall Cost: The overall cost for this proposal is zero.

Final Remarks:

Please consider this proposal with an open mind and of the understanding that the final iteration of this program will be brought before the DAO and voted upon before implementation. This initial, cost-free proposal serves merely to position the concept and garner buy-in from voters before raising a detailed, implementable framework.

If there are questions or concerns from any voters, please reach out to @non_fundribble on Twitter and I will be happy to address any and all questions.



Feedback during idea phase has been considered and reflected in the new draft


Me likey.


  • How will the communities be chosen?
  • Will you offer templates or playboks for the communities to easily onboard (sorry@Sasha)?
  • Do you envision a team managing this, a new Working Group of sorts, or what?
  • Beyond the set aside $APE, do you envision operating/management costs?

I’m sure others will come forth with feedback and thoughts.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

PS – still like my Bags-O-APE idea :rofl:


The beauty of this process would be that any project can nominate themselves and if they (or their community) wish to vote for themselves then they will need to acquire $ape. I then see this as going through rounds of voting until we reach the desired number (say 5 projects initially)

Re onboarding, would need to think this through but i would expect it to be project lead… i.e. teach the teacher. We teach the project leads, they disseminate within their communities.

I don’t see this carrying operational drag… nothing really to manage apart from the reward process which could perhaps be subsumed into one of the existing WGs?


It’s always good to unite communities, together we are stronger, I hope everything goes well, building!


A new working group to manage this idea would be ideal.
I like this idea, it can bring more contributions and as said more use cases.


thank you for the feedback and enthusiasm


Hi @NFD,

Thank you for sharing this proposal. The idea of creating a network of sub-DAOs and bridging communities to foster cultural stewardship is intriguing. Delegating voting rights to participating communities using their collection NFTs as governance voting tokens can indeed provide a sense of ownership and engagement - we’ve seen with the MocaVerse model.

While the proposal is still in a conceptual stage, I believe it has the potential to bring significant benefits. One aspect that I think deserves further attention is the reward mechanism. We could consider implementing weekly AIP reviews, hosting spaces for community discussions, facilitating the creation of new AIPs, and more. By establishing a robust reward system, we can effectively incentivize participation and make this an exceptional onboarding strategy. Perhaps something like ThankAPE or @BojangleGuy guide process can be involve? In any case, I will think more about it and help out.

I agree with @ssp1111 that it should be more detailed to be ready move on to AIP draft.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Appreciate the response @MisterHype and i agree, it needs refinement but i believe this is a very strong proposition to drive more engagement in the DAO


I think this idea have big potential. But we need to streamline how to engage with outside communities and how are we managing the flow if not it could get confusing or messy with misled communication halfway thru


Thank you for the feedback. Id be happy to create the engagement framework either as part of a dedicated WG or existing group


This is a great idea. This will incentivize sub communities to participate more in the governance. I’m looking forward to see this proposal pass


Love the feedback, thanks for taking time to read it. I’ll put much more time into the ‘How’ once more conversation has taken place

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Easily an AIP everyone can get behind of.


Hey! This absolutely is a great way forward. I like that initiatives like Ape Assembly & Yat Siu’s new proposal continue to move further in this direction. There are some ways to accomplish this quickly, written in Community Call (withdrawn because im touchin grass) Community Call: Clubs & Chapters. I hope its helpful, as it is one approach to all this!

Delegating voting power to communities is interesting. I think it’d be great to see the mutant cartels delegation. Have you looked at encouraging that? Also getting sub-communities to act autonomously with a drip of apecoin could make it even better. They can then power their events, grants, cool stuff. I’m not sure about KPIs like members voting each week though.

I really think you’re in a spot where you can start testing and implementing this. There are delegates and clubs already voting within the system. For example, can you ask cartel groups to delegate their apecoin to a community wallet, so their groups can weigh in? Your role @ Novel puts you in a good position to start forming a network of voting clubs!! :muscle:

Question: Do you have a list of participating communities to delegate to?


Hey mate, this idea is about encouraging participation so the KPIs you referenced are not exactly KPIs (i didnt frame it that way) but it is crucial that communities involvement is measured.

Participation enables us to deploy rewards to those communities and they can utilise it as they see fit - events and all those things you mentioned.

I am 100% opposed to just giving funding away to communities that are not engaged or participating in governance.


Okay! I’ll continue to follow as you update and build the idea out. Thank you. There are a few different ways to go about implementing this, and I think others are interested too. Would love to see this idea fleshed out. Very cool to see convo around it


Hi @NFD,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Happy to move to draft


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