AIP-211: Funding for Public Goods (ETHDenver Hackathon)

Proposal Name: Public Goods Funding for ETHDenver hackathon

Proposal Category: Public Goods Funding

This AIP provides for $30k USD paid in ApeCoin to fund a hackathon for people building for ApeCoin, in the spirit of AIP-96 (ETHGlobal SF hackathon sponsorship). The funding will go towards sponsoring the ETHDenver hackathon taking place from March 2nd to March 5th, 2023.

Participating in these initiatives gets ApeCoin more visibility and encourages developers to build for this community. It also serves as a way for ApeCoin to support public goods and other communities.

The current AIP process makes it difficult to vet and fund a large number of potential contributors and projects in an effective way. By leveraging existing trusted ecosystems like ETHGlobal and ETHDenver, ApeCoin DAO can efficiently scale support for developers and contributors who want to build within the ecosystem.

By participating in these programs ApeCoin also has the opportunity to fund public good efforts within the broader crypto ecosystem. The space is still so early that we need to encourage open source building that others can leverage. We need to encourage continued innovation and building in the space, and this is an opportunity for us to support those contributors who are pushing us forward.

I am requesting:

  • $25k to participate in the ETHDenver hackathon ($25k sponsorship fee deck 5)
  • $5k for logistics. We will need to coordinate logistics such as promotional banners, incidental expenses, and materials and swag to give to hackers and attendees!

By participating in ETH hackathons, ApeCoin is participating in the collective efforts that will continue to push the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem forward. There are many L1s and DeFi protocols that already participate, but participation from the NFT community is still relatively nascent. Grant funding will encourage developers to build new applications for the NFT community, which should be a major objective of ApeCoin DAO.

ETHDenver is the Premiere Ethereum hackathon DAO and has run hackathons which attracted builders from around the world and online since 2018. These events have attracted over 55,000 attendees and 7,000 builders from all 50 states and internationally. ETHDenver is the flagship hackathon of 2023.

The goal of this funding is to increase awareness and adoption of ApeCoin. We will work with ETHDenver to provide key metrics to the DAO post-hackathon.

This AIP allows members of the ApeCoin DAO to use the ApeCoin brand assets for promotional purposes for live and online events.

Largest hackathon of the year, runs from March 2nd to March 5th, 2023. Funding will cover $25k sponsorship fee. You can look at examples of how the program is set up here:

We will also be able to select one item for the swag bag. I’d like a community member to select the item and coordinate the logistics (I’m willing to volunteer as I have last year for ETH SF, please message me if you’d like to help as well!)

Once the proposal passes, ETHDenver will send us an invoice, and we can remit payment via wire or tokens. Invoice will specify payment details.

Steps to Implement:
Phased grant payouts as follows:

  • After AIP is passed, ETHDenver will send us an invoice for $25k that we can pay via wire or $APE. Payment specifications will be available on invoice.
  • Remaining $5k reserved for promotional materials, incidental expenses, and swag to feature at the hackathon. Payment information TBD.
  • If this AIP passes, we will use the ApeCoin Logo to create swag items and branding resources for the hackathon sponsorship table. No items will be sold and no profits will be earned in this AIP. Additionally, we will create a package of generic assets & promotional materials that can be used by members of the ApeCoin DAO for in-person and online events, provided that these materials are used for promotional purposes only. This marketing and promotional package can only be used for non-profitable causes.

ETHDenver’s core hackathon event takes place from March 2nd to 5th, 2023, so we need to finalize funding asap. Once funding is finalized I will confirm ApeCoin’s participation in the program so we can finalize any necessary paperwork and remit funding.

Author Description:
Halina.eth is a longtime community member of ApeCoin DAO and spearheaded the logistics and preparation for the 2022 AIP-96 sponsorship of the ETHGlobal SF hackathon.


  • @Halina.eth will coordinate logistics, 100% of funding will go to the event and logistics.
  • @veratheape will coordinate logistics and represent ApeCoin DAO as a community member.
  • More team members will be added as confirmed (please message me if you’d like to join the event as an ApeCoin representative)

Overall Cost:
$30k USD paid in ApeCoin
This includes: $25k for ETHDenver hackathon and $5k for logistics such as promotional materials, incidental expenses, and ApeCoin swag (this funding will be called as necessary)

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.


Can the material from ETHSF be repurposed for this event and can you provide an update on what projects came out from our last sponsorship:



@Halina.eth you represented Apecoin at San Fransisco event, can you share some of your experiences? I know you’ve talked in Twitter Spaces at great length about meeting w/ many developers, introducing them to Apecoin, etc etc. I’m interested hear your takeaways from the last event!


Great question SSP! Appreciate your attention as always 🫶🏻

Repurposing ETH SF Materials:

Yes, the banner & tablecloth from ETH SF have been designed specifically so they can be reused across events, and will be brought to ETHDenver. We do need to order an additional horizontal banner though as the one from ETH SF was given out as a souvenir to the first place winning team for ApeCoin’s prompts :rofl:

However, the token chip swag we ordered for ETH SF has been given out, so we will need to design & finalize new swag to distribute at ETHDenver- excited to hear your ideas on this! Also, many of the other sponsors at ETH SF had flyers or booklets, stickers, and other such promotional materials that I’d like for us to prepare this time around as well.

Finally, I was inspired by this display from Nouns DAO (people were lining up for the photo op at ETH SF):

Would be super cool to have something similar this time for ApeCoin, we can DIY some cardboard Ape heads for people to hold up in front of their faces to achieve this effect IRL (and ofc add ApeCoins too… we could have Punks, Meebits, Doggos, the whole family :monkey:):

Update on ETH SF Sponsorship:

There have been some very interesting (and surprising) benefits to our sponsorship of ETHGlobal SF! Overall, there seems to have been three categories of people drawn to the ecosystem directly because of the hackathon. As expected, we have the hackers who built for ApeCoin’s prompts and their ensuing projects- but I didn’t predict that the relationships I kept up with people whom I met at ETH SF over the next couple months would lead into ongoing AIP proposals as well, or that multiple people would join the forums and make introduction posts on Discourse as a direct result of our presence & tabling at the hackathon. Going to dive into all three types here:

These tweets highlighting our first place prize winning hacker team, our very own @jackie, have been featured by the official ApeCoin account:

You can read up on the technical details about the winning families’ two-player co-op NFT game here:

This project alone has spawned @AnotherWorldDAO, an open-world multiplayer 3D game integrated with NFTs- here’s their most recent demo video:

Attending ETH SF has also indirectly enticed builders to come to our ecosystem! While @sibil wasn’t a hacker during ETH SF, we met at the event and connected over empowering women in blockchain & web 3. This has since resulted in her submitting AIP-167 to empower female mentorship in web 3 with $APE:

Also, new members like @jos3 have created their Discourse account and submitted posts such as these after being introduced to the DAO through the hackathon:

Finally, @maariab has the full spreadsheet of 30+ teams & builders who competed for ApeCoin-specific bounties at ETH SF- I’ll update this post once it’s available!

Thanks and looking forward to working together on this! Go IRL events :tada:
-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Is request for “$50000 in APE” meaning $50k USD paid in ApeCoin, or 50000 $APE?

Pedantic, but can’t be too clear and it’s a big difference.

Cool idea. I favor projects that build bridges beyond Web3.


Great clarification, I used the same phrasing as @maariab did on AIP-96, but can definitely change the phrasing so it’s abundantly clear.

It is $50k USD to be paid out in ApeCoin, so I’ll update the Idea to match this more detailed phrasing.

Thank you @br00no, always open to your thoughts & suggestions on the hackathon and ways to build bridges as well :cherry_blossom:


This is the winning team (who is keeping the horizontal banner). Happy to bring it back for future Apecoin events.

Meeting ape friends around the Apecoin booth was one of the highlights during the hackathon. It felt like NFT NYC 2022 vibe but in a developer conference. Apes are built different. You immediately feel the warm when you see an ape-merch circle. I think the presence of an ape group is quite important for major web3 events, especially for builders’ events like hackathons. I personally got to meet people who are building web3 tools that I’ve been using such as ENS, optimism, polygon, filecoin…I believe there are also ape builders out there who can bring innovative ideas and tools to the Apecoin community in general. Having an Apecoin official booth is like providing a base location where apes and friends can gather like a mini-ApeFest. It’s also a friendly way to build relationships with other communities. I think this is a great proposal for apes to execute.

Here are the official stats from the ETH Global SF hackathon -


Hello @Halina.eth

This AIP Idea is nearing the closure of the 7-day discussion period. Are you content with the amount of community discussion that has been sparked or would you like to extend the discussion period for another week?



Yes, I am content. Thank you very much!


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Hello everyone,

Thank you @Halina.eth and the whole community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template.
Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @Halina.eth please check your messages for the next steps.



Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@Halina.eth has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

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Hello everyone,

We have sent over our first batch of questions to @Halina.eth and will await answers.
Will keep the community updated accordingly.



Hello everyone,

We have received answers from @Halina.eth and have gotten them over to the team for continued analysis.
Will keep the community updated accordingly.



Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

We have sent follow-up questions to the author. We await answers.

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Due to timing, this proposal is no longer applicable. In the meantime, I’d like to highlight our community members who are at ETHDenver and invite them to share their experiences with the DAO- @thrivegiraffe @0xSword @veratheape :cherry_blossom:

Also, we have some exciting event-based proposals coming up that I hope we can support:

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@Halina.eth has requested to withdraw their application. This AIP will be moved to and remain in the Withdrawn AIPs category.

Kind Regards,



Heyo @Halina.eth – thanks for the shout-out.

This is precisely why ApeCoinIRL was created :laughing:.

Hopefully, if our Decentralized Events Network proposal passes, in the future we’ll be super proactive with an ApeCoin presence at all these events via a Master Calendar, Promo Merch, Local Champions, awareness campaigns, etc – and so when members are attending they already have a booth or activation space to anchor their visit.

If Maaria’s proposal passes, then our Local Champions would also bring more attention, organization, boots-on-the-ground management to the activations at the 6 IRL ETH events – so win-win-win!

Let’s go IRL!

SSP :fist:t4: