AIP-138: The Special Council Election Process

Hi @adventurousape, I understand the concern of elections twice a year. The rationale behind this was so that at least some existing Special Council members would remain to have continuity on the Special Council and encourage a smooth transition process. After 6 months, the goal would be that the newly elected Special Council members are fully integrated and can then lead the transition process for the next election cycle.

Other scenarios considered were as follows:

  • Once a year election with 5 Council members; while this means less frequent election cycle, it would mean however that the entire Special Council is turned over at once with no continuity.
  • Once a year election alternating between 3 and 2 Council members; while this means less frequent election cycle and promoting continuity, it would mean that the term of Council members would be 2 years instead of 1 year.

More frequent elections were also considered but as you mentioned, it would mean election season throughout the year.

Current Council members can voluntary choose not to run if they wish. However, if all Council members wish to remain, seat numbers would be assigned randomly.