AIP-144: Establish Moderator Response Time Guideline

All good! Just wanted to double check and make sure I answered everything :smiley:


This is very helpful to get to know how long each process takes and it is an indicator for proposal that not getting feedback means they fall below the benchmark needs iteration.

Look forward to have more efficient structure to process each proposal while getting public maximum attention to provide in-depth feedback to lead proposer to the right direction.


@RedVulkan would you be willing to share the questions that were asked by the mod team? I’m curious if they add additional context to this proposal.


I don’t mind sharing the questions, but would want to check with the mod team to see if that is allowed. @Pearson @Escape is this info okay to be shared?


Hi @RedVulkan

The AIP Process, as proposed on AIP-1 does not allow for questions and answers to be posted publicly on the forum.



@moonkt @Pearson @river

Can you resolve the inside problems that push you to to ignore my proposals and questions for a few months? Otherwise I will have to pitch news media and initiate an invistigation about your unethical activities.

Haha so this a catch22 for me. I def agree some time lines would be helpful defiantly since my current one AIP-61 has been almost 6 Months in total before going up for a vote lol. However I have enjoyed the long term feedback from the community over that time which has evolved my original idea to enough feedback to more what the community wants which I now forecast could be help the community more as a whole. So yes I think 7 days is kinda not much time should be longer but not 6 months that I have gone through lol. Hope that helps.

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When you put this proposal - SBF was still a hero. Hell even TerraUSD was $1. :smiley:

Moderation moves at a snails pace here - maybe because the mod team sees it as a part time side gig.


Guys, what do you think about creating a proposal to remove all their team and hire new moderators? Maybe from the community.

One my concern is that they will just kill the prop they don’t like by ignoring the same way as mine.

Almost 6 Months??? They are literally killing the DAO.