AIP-175: Establish ApeComms

Hiya @Escape @Pearson and @river – what’s the likelihood of this AIP hitting Snapshot on the 22nd or 29th of this month?



After getting to know these people and seeing how hard they work up close, I’m convinced that if anyone deserves a shot as well as to be compensated fairly for the work ( that they’ve been doing for free btw), it is ApeComms.


I fully support this initiative. This team is doing great things for the community and I’m so glad @Vulkan has joined ApeComms. This initiative has my full YES!!


Elections will be 22nd, so no other AIPs up for vote, but 29th would be nice!


Thank you @wrongplace and @holocronape for your support! It means a lot to us! Very excited to have @Vulkan back on the team as well!


Appreciate you @holocronape :gorilla::heart:


The Moderators can’t anticipate when a specific AIP will be posted for a vote. However, as per AIP-138: The Special Council Election Process, no AIPs are being posted together with the Elections AIP, which goes for vote December 22-28.


Thanks – so you’re saying the 29th is still a possibility (link to Jim Carrey gif here).

I am hopeful that the 29th still be considered, especially as we’ve already answered all verification questions from our previous AIP-142.

Big fat ape fingers-crossed🤞🏾



ApeComms has already established itself as a vital part of the ApeCoin ecosystem. During the election process, they gave a voice to many candidates that may not have had one otherwise, and provided educational spaces throughout the process.

They effectively provided information for the elections that voting members (and candidates) would need to dig through the websites to learn.

To me they have been the first proof of concept for a functional working group, and I can see them continuing to onboard and engage our community members.


I would like to also re-iterate my support of the ApeComms team.

Specifically for myself being a nominee for the Special Council elections, I would not have been nearly as effective in spreading my campaign message without them providing an open platform to all nominees. In a race where awareness and Twitter followers play a significant role, ApeComms was able to give me (the nominee smallest following of the top vote getters) a way to reach the broader membership of our DAO. I’ve been able to connect with so many other members of our community as a direct result of the spaces the ApeComms team hosted.

Thank you to the ApeComms team for your tireless efforts (which still remain uncompensated). Our community efforts would be in a far worse position without you all!


Thanks so much for voicing your support for the ApeComms working group @BoredApeG.

We’ve been serving the community through education, outreach and communication for the last 5-6 months, glad to be part of the ongoing story.

While we appreciate your recognition of our efforts, the reason why you are in the Top 5 is mostly all due to your own efforts, background, vision and value - we just provided a platform or two.

To be real, you are one of the most engaged candidates in the forums according to the Posts Read metric. So glad someone from the Discourse Force is still in the running :laughing:.

Keep representing :fist:t4:.



I’m with this 100%…

Not only do ApeComms provide critical guidance during the AIP process, they make newcomers feel welcome. This is important for many reasons but none bigger than becoming an actual catalyst for some proposals being submitted at all. If someone comes in with an idea but doesn’t feel comfortable or understand the process, many may not follow through which will hurt the DAO by limiting its thinking and overall reach. You can also feel the passion when speaking with them which helps establish an immediate sense of common ground and level of positive expectation for the betterment of this community.

Extremely impressed with this group.



Hey thanks everybody for the kind words. There are a lot of changes coming to our DAO, and we as Apecomms still hope to be inviting & welcoming members. Whether it’s through the Apecomms initiative or something greater to come, we’re really proud of all the work we’ve done. Thank you again.


The ApeComms team has been invaluable in onboarding and supporting many people in the DAO, AIP process, education, and more.

Their commitment through this season of change has been unwavering.

Wherever they wind up in the structure moving forward, one thing is absolutely for sure, we are better off for having them play a real role of the future of ApeCoin DAO. Thank you ApeComms team!


community management really is an under rated part of NFT. Hope this works out well!
You guys got any discord server where people can join and interact together both in terms of proposal discussion as well as general chill


It’s nice to see that the ApeComms team is making a comeback. It is worth mentioning that the team has slashed its original funding request by almost 50%.

I’d like to ask. What changed in between in terms of cost?


Hey @SOL_NoBrain,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for your post, especially on Christmas Eve :laughing:, haha.

As just one member of our group, let me take a stab at answering your question with the information you may be looking for:

Reason #1
Simple - the community asked us to reduce our ask. Done.

Reason #2
The original AIP was a request for 12-months of operations, this AIP is a request for 3-months of operations – which is a 75% reduction in time.

Reason #3
The feedback from the community was to also line-item each member’s role, responsibility and hours. To be specific, the original AIP, if it had passed, had most members committed to a 40-60 hour work week. This revised AIP has us committed to 25-35 hours per week, this in response to the community’s requests.

Reason #4
The original AIP had an Operating Fund of $110k which included 12-mos of Legal, Security, Tech and Contingency. This AIP has a stripped down OpsFund for 3-months only with a budget of $8k.

Just a note on our original AIP OpsFund:
We purposely erred on the high-side when it came to legal because we really didn’t know what kind of legal assistance we’d be needing for a whole year. Who really knows what will happen in 2023.

Keep in mind, at this point we’ve already spent $5k in attorney’s fees just to understand both our individual and our collective (the DAO’s) exposures to legal risks - and trust me, the legal risks are real for all AIPs, authors and members if not handled correctly.

In summary:

  • This AIP is for 3-months only, not 12
  • We’ve cut our group’s hours from an average of 400 hours a week to 240
  • The Budget for Legal in our OpsFund was drastically reduced

I trust this information answers your question, it may also be quite helpful to the community overall.

Welcome again to the forums and happy holidays :christmas_tree:



Hey @Evil, appreciate the support! We hope to setup a Discord server as part of this proposal. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me or anyone else on the ApeComms team if you are considering writing a proposal or have questions about anything else.


Now ApeComms started to report comments they don’t like using bots, this makes them invisible for the community.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I have been reporting happenings on the DAO for a while now. I thought it would be nice to join the community and interact firsthand.

  1. What happens if the community kicks against the updated proposal? From experience, I have observed a lot of communication-based AIPs have been shot down. Is the team going to give it another try?

  2. While time reduction is 75%, cost is around 50%. The original budget was $998,000 for 12 months, equivalent to $249,500 for 3 months. The updated budget is $114,129, that’s about 54%.

  3. So, are saying members will be putting in 3.5 hours daily at the lower end and 5 hours daily at the higher end?

Meanwhile, happy holidays bro!