AIP-191: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement Workshop

Alignment is the key to making this all work. So the action items need to come from the all the key stakeholders.

Working on a plan to make this happen beginning with gathering feedback, followed by organized workshop(s) to distill down to the essence. Will submit as forthcoming AIP

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Thanks Brooklyn, will be moving this to the AIP Draft phase soon as there appears to be appetite to proceed - will give us a chance to add specifics on execution


Thank you so much for putting this AIP forward! I very much agree that we need stakeholder alignment and a mission statement. Gathering consensus on a vision is key before the DAO can truly move forward.

I think we now find ourselves with a unique opportunity to further decentralize the DAO faster than we would have done originally. We’re seeing in real time the risks that single points of failure pose. Since it looks like Cartan will not be submitting another AIP if theirs does not pass, it is more important than ever for the stakeholders to build relationships with each other in order to move the DAO forward. A common purpose and consensus will be crucial in order to do things like form the working groups that will be needed to replace Cartan as well. Having a common mission statement/vision would be a great foundation upon which to build.

It’s so encouraging to see how everyone, in the insightful and productive Twitter Space last night hosted by @herb, came together when faced with a potential crisis and left with an optimistic attitude. (link below so others don’t have to search for it)

Do you see the current situation with Cartan affecting your timeline and where the workshops will be held? We have to align pretty quicky now in order to figure out how to take over Cartan’s responsibilities.

When thinking about getting people to attend, it’s very difficult to get most people to break out of their day to day routine to do something different unless it’s fun and exciting. What are your thoughts on some sort of reward for attending, maybe something like a POAP? Or for future workshops, maybe working with @thrivegiraffe and Thank Ape to reward contributions if the AIP gets approved?

There’s also some incredible women running for Special Council, @veratheape, @Novocrypto, @Ms_NFTy @TheFatherOfAllStorms, and @jmart, who have some brilliant ideas. I’d love for them to be involved in this regardless of the results of the elections. They bring so much to the table and it would be disappointing if the input for this was mostly men.

Thanks for all your hard work in making sure the DAO is moving forward! Please let me know what I can do to help. The ApeComms team is ready to help out as well!


The ApeComm team is a great sample working group! IMO, the ApeCoin DAO needs to form more working groups below listed in order to prevent future crises. So there will be no single point of fail even if someone, in this case Cartan Group, is going to pull the plug if the ApeCoin DAO disagrees the increase.

working groups suggestion:

  1. Leadership ( 3 elected SC)

  2. Accounting / Finance ( CPAs high priority)

  3. Marketing (not that urgent)

  4. Operations ( high priority)

  5. ApeComm ( Todd/Halina/Amplify/etc)

    • Managing Social Media / Twitter etc
    • Arranging Conference / Managing PR
  6. DAO Law (lawyer professional)


Hi AA,

The potential for a crisis this weekend required an all hands on deck approach and I was happy to be able to contribute. Once we’ve got some clarity on a path forward in case AIP-183 fails to pass then I’ll be right back at this. So it might shift things a week or two, but won’t have any material impact as it’s going to take some time to build consensus around mission statement. Workshop location(s) are still TBD so no change there.

Very much like the POAP idea, it can become the, “I was in the room when …” for the rebirth of the DAO. In general the goal is to construct a plan that gathers feedback from every stakeholder who has a vision for the future of the DAO.

Agree, some amazing women in the mix! Participation in this won’t be limited by the results of the elections, it’s an independent process.

Thank you, appreciate you!


Hi Ken,

The AIP-183 situation has been an eye-opener for all of us that we need to put some time into building capabilities and structure within the DAO.

@Amplify has done a bunch of work iterating through WG structures that I expect to see brought to AIP here pretty soon – I see you interacting on this thread

Which is absolutely the right place to get involved. Thank you


Thank you for putting forth this idea. The DAO is a bit disorganized and scrambling at the moment. Further defining things like a mission statement and goals will help act as a “Northstar” in a sense to keep us aligned and headed in a general direction together (as we become more decentralized).


Love this idea and appreciate your efforts @badteeth. Not sure if a brand exploration would be part of your workshops you mentioned but i’d like to suggest it be part of this process. It will help us personify the brand, give it direction and find our tone of voice. Happy to assist on this.


Love your work and appreciate all you are doing to push the DAO forward @12GAUGE. The DAO would be lucky to have you involved on a higher level imo. Especially since “Brand Decision” is one of the subcategories of AIPs.


Couldn’t agree more – and very interesting to consider that centralization of purpose can actually foster decentralization of operations. Thank you Vulkan!


Thank you 12G – Going through a branding process would be a strong follow up to the definition of our mission statement. Thanks for bringing this up and would absolutely appreciate your help!


love this. alignment is key.


Check this previous discussion, you mind find some alignment that will be helpful in the current situation


It is imperative to have people for DAO selected by Apecoin holders and vetted by the agencies.

People now are concerned about power after the shadow of FTX disaster (although it was just hedge fund style and have nothing to do with DAO) and any centralized non vetted hiring/groups.

So I talked about more decentralized option where people will not be doing anyone job , but be on consulting basics.


Hi @badteeth,

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We look forward to hearing from you.



I’m content with the feedback. What’s the process to submit the updated draft? Thank you!


Thank you @badteeth for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @badteeth please see your messages for the next steps.



Really excited about the possibility of the DAO implementing working groups and to see the DAO working towards creating decentralized structures that promote the progress and development of this ecosystem.

Eager to see how this benefits the DAO and how the community can create value through this structure.


Love this suggestion, thank you for prompting the lively discussion @badteeth!

@12GAUGE I’d be super excited to work with you & @Brazy on brand guidelines and explorations for the DAO too, once we have a concrete vision to work towards, branding will be key to attracting & retaining talent who share our passion & vision!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


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