AIP-196: BORED AIP Extension Notice

Hello ApeCoin DAO Community,

After diligent community and legal review, Working Group Zero has made the decision to request an extension from the Special Council for the mandate and timeline detailed in AIP-196: BORED AIP: Bringing Order and Reliability via Ecosystem Decentralization by 1 month.

The extension for this AIP has been approved and will be funded against the Special Council’s discretionary fund.

The need for an extension arose from several areas, including:

  • Our Collective Responsibility to the DAO, “we leave things better than we found them”
  • The initial time it took legal to draft Steward contracts (well into February).
  • Lack of transparency, resources, and training from our previous administrators during the RFP process and handoff to WebSlinger.
  • The decision to facilitate Discourse administration for continuity of DAO approved process.
  • Building a broader consensus with the ApeCoin DAO community.

The initial Working Group Zero proposal underestimated the time it would take to transition and onboard a new core service provider, onboard Stewards, and still maintain the continuity of administering our governance process on Discourse and Snapshot.

Working Group Zero is very proud to maintain continuity of our AIP process, but recognize this is not what we’ve been tasked with doing forever. This is why it is important that the Working Group Guidelines proposal is discussed and voted on in the community so that the DAO can continue to do this work into the future, and not WG0.

  • Working Group Zero will continue to facilitate Discourse administration while proposing the Governance Working Group, which will take on Discourse administration into the future.
  • Working Group Zero will continue to develop recommendations for changes to AIP-1, and propose several decentralized Working Groups which will take on the vast majority of daily work in the DAO.

The Working Group Zero Bored AIP being extended can be found here:

The Working Group Guidelines and Process being proposed to be voted on April 13th can be found here:

Thank you so much for your understanding and thoughtful feedback. We recognize the precariousness of this situation and potential scope creep. This is why we believe it is very important the DAO finds alignment on Working Group Guidelines, Process and Governance in order to facilitate elections for the ones doing this work transparently into the future.


All good and totally understandable :+1:


Lets work on carefully to well explain it to everyone on Twitter spaces and more)


Hello, the BORED AIP extension was granted at the end of last month, providing additional time due to delays. However, this extension is now nearing its end. Currently, Lost, Vulkan, and Amplify are handling some aspects of forum moderation, including sending prewritten messages to authors.

It’s not clear whether stewards are also sending questions to authors or who is responsible for creating the list of questions. I’m curious about the stewards’ ongoing involvement, considering they have submitted a working group for an election system, as well as exploratory committees with extended timelines.

Before diving into larger working groups, which may involve the same people, I’d like to request information about the budget and hear from the stewards about their experiences, daily activities, and perceived success. AIP-121, which focuses on monthly transparency, was halted during the election season. Subsequently, BORED AIP and the stewards were introduced as emergency measures.

I’d like to propose a three or six-month reflection period, as the election system appears to be flawed and potentially prone to corruption. However, before discussing this further, I’d like to hear from the stewards about their day-to-day experiences over the past three months. How do you all think you performed during this time?


Hi @0xSword,

Thanks for your questions and comments.

Regarding the forum moderation, Lost, Vulkan, and Amplify have been handling the bulk of that. They have been working with WebSlinger to ensure as smooth as a transition as possible. Beyond sending messages to authors, they also move the proposals along in the process, send the questions to the authors, answer any author’s questions, and prepare DAR reports for the AIPs. When WG0 first took over the moderation, Waabam and I also assisted in the creation of some of the DAR reports and author’s questions for them, but it is being entirely handled by Lost, Vulkan, and Amplify now. As far as successes with this, when WG0 first took over moderation there were 27 AIPs in the Draft phase, as of today there’s only 4 and the average time an AIP is in Draft is 17 days. April will have the highest number of AIPs going to vote.

As far as the budget, here is a basic breakdown of our expenses (WGZero.ETH is our multi-sig wallet address and you can find it on Etherscan):

Concerning our experiences, overall, there’s been a lot of research, meetings, discussions (sometimes heated - it’s not easy to build consensus even among 7 people), and hard work. We did hours upon hours of research and had many calls with leaders of other prominent DAOs to learn about what works and what hasn’t for them.

For our daily activities, it’s very difficult to get granular here on almost 4 months of work. We’ve shared progress reports in the WG0 Discord announcements channel of what we’ve been doing along the way.

As for perceived successes, we ran a RFP process to find the new administrator and handled the transition with minimal disruption. Not only did we avoid what the previous administrator said would be a “constitutional crisis”, the AIPs are moving through the process faster than ever.

In respect to a reflection period, that is already written into AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter:


Perfect, keep me posted. Im in and out of hospital. Hopeful)

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