AIP-196: BORED AIP Extension Notice

Hi @0xSword,

Thanks for your questions and comments.

Regarding the forum moderation, Lost, Vulkan, and Amplify have been handling the bulk of that. They have been working with WebSlinger to ensure as smooth as a transition as possible. Beyond sending messages to authors, they also move the proposals along in the process, send the questions to the authors, answer any author’s questions, and prepare DAR reports for the AIPs. When WG0 first took over the moderation, Waabam and I also assisted in the creation of some of the DAR reports and author’s questions for them, but it is being entirely handled by Lost, Vulkan, and Amplify now. As far as successes with this, when WG0 first took over moderation there were 27 AIPs in the Draft phase, as of today there’s only 4 and the average time an AIP is in Draft is 17 days. April will have the highest number of AIPs going to vote.

As far as the budget, here is a basic breakdown of our expenses (WGZero.ETH is our multi-sig wallet address and you can find it on Etherscan):

Concerning our experiences, overall, there’s been a lot of research, meetings, discussions (sometimes heated - it’s not easy to build consensus even among 7 people), and hard work. We did hours upon hours of research and had many calls with leaders of other prominent DAOs to learn about what works and what hasn’t for them.

For our daily activities, it’s very difficult to get granular here on almost 4 months of work. We’ve shared progress reports in the WG0 Discord announcements channel of what we’ve been doing along the way.

As for perceived successes, we ran a RFP process to find the new administrator and handled the transition with minimal disruption. Not only did we avoid what the previous administrator said would be a “constitutional crisis”, the AIPs are moving through the process faster than ever.

In respect to a reflection period, that is already written into AIP-239: Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter: