AIP-267: Add 'Treasury' tab to

Thanks for this very important discussions @Waabam. It’s great to see the community’s interest in transparency and tracking the DAO’s treasury. Transparency is key to forge an inclusive and engaged community around shared goals, where there is no sense of hidden hands and unaccountable payouts. Implementing a ‘Treasury’ tab on, along with a visual representation of spending, would provide valuable insights for the community. Additionally, considering the timely integration suggested by the @CEOofWeb3.0, it’s crucial to ensure that the updated wallet list and accurate balance information are reflected to avoid discrepancies. Kudos to the members for engaging in this process, and I look forward to further updates on the progress of the AIP. As @Waabam rightly points out, the future responsibility for proposing updates to this page should fall to the Treasury Working Group, once it is created, so I am also looking forward to see AIP-242 moving along together with this initiative. :orangutan: :muscle: