AIP-267: Add 'Treasury' tab to

It’s a great idea ! absolutly want to see that coming


I fully support this useful change suggested Waabam, but can’t you just ask special Council to tell the administrator to do it, as it clearly has community support and can be implemented in probably a few days instead of weeks through an AIP or does special Council not currently really consider requests? As they said the other day themselves, they don’t need an AIP to make changes to the Twitter page, so same should apply to the website page.


You guys know I have the list for all the active wallets with the treasury funds, the entire 1.3 billion thingy?

All that effort I’ve already put in for AIP 233 : ApeCoin Tracker would come in handy for this.

We legit have almost half of the wallets mentioned over there empty asf rn


Let’s connect Wab, I’ve done extensive work in this specific niche which would come in handy.

I have the means to track the entity that is made up of 150+ wallets (100 ish active)

I have the list of wallets which are associated with giving out grant funding, we can calculate the dollar amount of those grants and with that info calculate the amount spent wrt time.

I even have the updated list of wallets which make our treasury, I asked for access to edit that long ago but that might’ve been too intrusive. So idk, have sat it out for a bit but would love to help in this regard

Put me in, coach :man_shrugging:

Example :

Live balance rn across all our wallets →


In searching & associated platforms (discourse included) to see how much of the ecosystem funds have been allocated to passed AIPs, I ran into this post - I am 100% aligned with no objections.

I think we should continue to define “rate” - monthly rate? weekly? Will it show the rate of the last 6 months only? OR should it be a more robust tool where the user can filter and adjust their view (weekly vs. monthly vs. etc.)

I’m curious to hear from others how & if the page could be even more informative while we’re here.

Great Idea @Waabam :rocket:


this is a good idea. Good job.

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Hi @Waabam,

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Thanks for your comments, @ApeForLife.

I can appreciate why it might seem odd that we would need an AIP for this. It is possible that adding a ‘Treasury’ tab to the website could be performed in our current governance structure without an AIP, either through instruction from Special Council or perhaps from the Governance Working Group.

The reality however is that, in our current governance structure, an AIP is the best tool we have to ensure that a particular course of action is made a priority.

I agree with you that this is not an optimal administrative process, and I applaud you for proposing a Special Council Directive authority, which may help improve the process:

I will be watching this AIP Idea closely and will continue to provide feedback, as I think it has the potential to really improve our governance process.

In the mean time however, I do think proposing an AIP Idea is the best way to ensure that administrative tasks are completed promptly.

And I do think that adding a ‘Treasury’ tab to the website is necessary at this time, and should be completed promptly.


Thanks for your comments, @CEOofWeb3.0. I really do appreciate the work you have done on the ApeCoin tracker. DAO members creating community-driven dashboards is extremely important to our community, both for accountability purposes and because I think it allows for iteration and improvement.

I do think however that the community deserves transparency directly from the Ape Foundation, and that the Ape Foundation should be responsible for sharing publicly with the community its own accounting of the Treasury. Keeping in mind, it is the Ape Foundation which is the steward of ApeCoin, and the Ape Foundation which stewards the Treasury.

All that being said, I really do appreciate the work you’ve done on the tracker, and I would be happy to connect with you to discuss this. If you send me a DM, I will send you my calendly, and we can arrange a call.


Thanks for the comments, @houdinifr.

I also wondered what the appropriate unit of measurement for the rate was, and how this can be presented.

If I understand you correctly, you’re suggesting that we allow the user to toggle between different rate units (daily/weekly/monthly), and then perhaps also allow the user to choose over which period of time the rate is being calculated. Is that right?

This makes sense to me, although I do worry about the concern raised by @ssp1111 and others above - of not wishing to be too prescriptive. The more specific we are, we do run the risk of constraining the DAO Administrators, and inadvertently creating a worse tool.

I am curious if others have thoughts on this.

I am also happy to brainstorm by call if you or anybody else is interested, @houdinifr. I will share my Calendly with anybody who would like to DM me.

Hi @amplify.Admin. I would like to extend community discussion for a further 7 days. Thank you!

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No problem @Waabam, and I’m aligned with your thoughts here. We absolutely don’t want to “over-create” so perhaps simplicity is key - in the beginning especially. I wasn’t necessarily making those suggestions, I just wanted to push the thought process a bit.

Absolutely willing to chat more on this! I think we could definitely leverage a product perspective. DMing you now!

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I really like this idea and the enhanced transparency it would provide. I also think this is something that is very important to be monitored over time. I’d support this idea!


great idea! it should also show the monthly compensation of the employees.

I’m all for transparency in every aspect.

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We’re up for a discussion later today.

Would the foundation have to hire auditors for the treasury, I guess not it they kept their books well.

You have a valid point, I was just worried about duplication of efforts.

I’ve tried to do something similar with Apecoin Tracker but in an unofficial capacity.

I’ve sifted through all of the transactions related to the treasury wallets and mapped the flow of funds and have learned a lot in the meantime

Here’s my 2 cents :

The list of wallets which form our treasury listed over @ ApeCoin is beyond obsolete. More than half of those wallets have been discarded as they’re single use wallets

The current Treasury balance among about 100 wallets if you remove the 60 discarded wallets

This entity I’ve created allows us to query the live balance using an API, it would’ve been incorporated on the

I have a list of discarded wallets with new wallets replacing them,if you want the pdf just lmn.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this, I’d love to help however I can.


I’m definitely in support of this. It would be good to have a clear place we can collectively monitor the funds, & budget accordingly.


We need it. Full support.


You could have also concluded the discussion, your proposal is very useful and I will certainly vote in favor of it.

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