AIP-268: ApeCoin DAO Voting Adoption Driven by Good Month Labs

Hey @BojangleGuy! Thanks for the questions and feedback, digging in below:

I really hate having these convos over text and I hope this doesn’t come across as combative.

Firstly, you didn’t sound combative at all! Very good questions, they were pointed and it leads to great dialogue.

Similarly to what @Sasha has mentioned. It seems a bit excessive for the DAO to fund another program where the main goal is to drive participation (This AIP and ThankApe). I do understand that to acquire a “customer” (CAC) there will be some sort of cost but in my opinion those costs are better spent funding a presence at IRL events, fixing our current onboarding system so that those who do come actually know what the DAO is and how it operates, updating our website to be more inviting and informational, etc.

I really can’t argue where the DAO’s funds are best spent. I think if the DAO feels that IRL event money is the best and only way they want to drive adoption, then governance will dictate that desire and I would support such decision fully! I also think that fixing the onboarding process is paramount, but due to this being a DAO and multiple efforts capable executing simultaneously, I don’t see it as a mutually exclusive trade off. I think it is important to invest in all the following simultaneously:

  • Driving adoption of new participants (the idea I propose, IRL events)
  • Increasing effectiveness of onboarding (AIP-251
  • Driving re-engagement of inactive participants (ThankApe)
  • Driving engagement of active and impactful participants (ThankApe)
  • Driving engaged participants to become builders (unsure of anything in the works here, but would love to see it!)

If someone isn’t willing to take the time to learn the structure and workflow of the DAO (which is currently not an easy thing to do), read through AIPs to become an informed voter, and participate because they care about the DAO and not because they are getting a reward, do we really want them in the community anyways?

I kind of have to take a pretty hard stance against this comment – I think everyone should be invited and feel welcome in the community regardless of the level of effort they put forth initially. Just as you have mentioned the onboarding improvement need, I would assume everyone active in this DAO knows that there are droves of talented people who would not contribute here simply because they don’t have the time to grind and learn things that aren’t packaged in a way that is digestible OR easy OR fun. I have made some comments about this topic in the thread on a post to @MisterHype which I am pasting here about the persona of this audience that we know would be effective in here, but they need the motivation. " The Never Fade community has provided us anecdotes that one of the biggest reasons they listen to our podcast is because they feel they get more smart. They learn deeper fundamentals about the space, they learn to get more critical with their thoughts so we know that they have the persona that is motivated to gain necessary and informed decisions – as for governance participation that is the big elephant in the room and the reason why we state in this proposal that we will need to be vigilant with out analytics to make informed decisions to see how many conversions of earners to voters to contributors we can help propagate. We don’t know if they are all the perfect fit for governance in the ApeCoinDAO but we know that they are motivated to make web3 a better and more enjoyable spot and we feel that is the right persona to start with and see if we can help those personas find their way here to help us grow."

I think what ThankApe does well (and even then I am not sure I totally agree with reward based participation in this form either) is that it encourages participation across the board, not just in voting. Increased voting numbers are great, but what the DAO really needs is an increase in builders, ideas, leaders, and members who are here to support the DAO’s vision.

Fully agreed with the increase in all those areas and addressed those areas in the bullet points above. I don’t think it is a trade-off scenario, I think we can drive this from multiple angles. Getting educated in an easy and fun way and having a voting record logged and tracked is top of funnel for all those other things.

In your budget you mention ApeCoin funding 24% of each shows cost which of my math is correct that would be $732 per show? You then ask for only $6,000 for the actual rewards for those who vote. Essentially the whole point of your AIP, to increase number of voters through rewards, is only receiving roughly 8% of your entire budget. To me that reads as “We want to increase voter participation by rewarding people with $APE who vote, we are asking for $69,420 of which only $6000 will actually be given to voters as rewards. The rest will fund our podcast and the development of a dApp.” Do you have any plans in place that would fund voter rewards beyond this initial $6000? To pay $46,000 for a dApp that is obsolete after only 3 months of use would be a massive sunk cost.

The dApp is definitely not obsolete after the 3 months, it can continue to be used and expanded on with findings from the data. The larger vision (which isn’t a part of this project scope) if the analytics give us reason to further invest would be to open this dApp up to other media distributions so they can take a “sponsorship” from the ApeCoin DAO and provide their listeners with perks and benefits that benefit the DAO, there would be low costs from that point forward and allow for a huub and spoke model of outside incentivization that keeps ApeCoin DAO participation top of mind for a lot of listeners who place their attn on these outlets.

The reward amount for incentivization we requested is is low because we felt it was egregious to ask for a large $APE allocation for this without having the data. If the amount of $APE is run through AND the analytics give us reason and a track record to show that this was a net-positive experience we can then have justification to request more. You are correct that this amount is mainly funding development and podcast production, but out of this funding the ApeCoin DAO receives the highlighted media from the podcast show and a show that is motivated to encourage and push people to an experience that we have curated for the listeners that we know and understand. For instance if we were to motivate people to go to ThankApe and go through the UX that is there today, they would just assume we were getting paid to say it and didn’t have skin in the game like this proposal allows us to have.