[AIP-301 Passed] eesee Testnet Whitelist

ApeCoin community is granted access to eesee rewarded Testnet that goes live in the end of October

Eesee is a next-gen NFTFi & SocialFi platform that accelerates sales, provides additional liquidity to the market and lowers cost-barrier to enter the web3 using the unique protocol.

  • $1.1M Raised Through Seed Round
  • Partners & Advisors: Binance, Rarible, Chainlink, Polygon, TheGraph, Hansa, Outlier Ventures and more.

Participate in the Testnet and get a front-row seat to eesee’s evolution and shape the future of NFTs! :zap: Secure your access following easy steps below, test the platform and get generous rewards

  1. Join eesee Discord eesee.io
  2. Drop your wallet in the ‘wl-proof’ channel

99.99% voted FOR eesee DAO proposal (AIP-301). As a thank you, we invite all members of the APE community to take part in the creation of a next big thing in NFT.


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