AIP-307: Create the position of Consultant to assist the Ape Assembly and Working Groups


Create the position of Consultant to Assist the Ape Assembly and Working Groups




The proposal seeks to establish the position of Consultant to assist the Ape Assembly and Working Groups, hereinafter referred to as CAAW. CAAW will assist the Ape Assembly and Working groups to draft the necessary rules and procedures to become functional and operational and provide continued assistance, including assistance with the drafting of AIPs.


The proposal is drafted by @ApeForLife, Member of ApecoinDao, who is an Attorney by Profession, with experience as a Director, Executor and Trustee. @ApeForLife holds the legal degrees of B.Juris and LL.B (c.Laude)


It has become apparent that the Ape Assembly has struggled to set up the necessary structure to become operational. In a newly launched AIP, which is still in AIP Ideas the following is stated therein -

‘Delays in the ratification process, resulting from the Assembly’s current structure, could hinder critical initiatives of the Metaverse Working Group and the Marketing & Communications Working Group.’

Another comment by a DAO member, stated as follows in the comments under the AIP:

'… what has AA done to organize itself and be more effective? In the current state we have a small number of participants, with lots of ideas being thrown around. To me it seems that no one really has the combination of time and leadership to get AA out of this’

As such it is clear that the Ape Assembly would benefit from a consultant that can assist the Ape Assembly in drafting the necessary processes to set up an improved structure to render the Ape Assembly more functional and assist the Ape Assembly further with challenges it faces in the future. CAAW can similarly assist the Working Groups to put processes in place to make them functional and assist the Stewards further in this regard. CAAW can also assist the Ape Assembly and Working Groups with the drafting of AIPs, as and when necessary.


It takes an extensive amount of time to draft all the necessary procedures and processes that is required to make the Ape Assembly and Working Groups functional and as such, without an experienced professional who can provide assistance and spend time in creating and drafting procedures and processes, it is unlikely that the Ape Assembly will ever come into full and proper operation. A similar problem may arise with the Working Groups and CAAW can immediately work together with the elected Stewards, to also assist them further in setting up functional structure and processes for the Working Groups (this will also include all future Working Groups that might be established). CAAW will also assist with drafting AIPs for the Ape Assembly and Working Groups, so as to further assist the Ape Assembly and Working Groups.


The proposal will create the important position of CAAW that will assist and thus improve the functioning and processes of the Ape Assembly and Working Groups, which is an integral requirement for the ApecoinDAO to reach the DAO’s goals.


  1. The position of Consultant of the Ape Assembly and Working Groups (CAAW) is established on approval of this AIP and @ApeForLife will act as the first CAAW for a period of 24 months, starting the first day of the month following approval of this AIP.

  2. On expiry of the period of 22 months, after approval of this AIP, the position of CAAW will be put up for election and the provisions in respect of terms of office and elections for Governance Stewards and the conditions thereof will apply mutatis mutandis to the position of CAAW.

  3. The position of CAAW should be held by someone with either a legal degree and who is a member of ApecoinDAO and who has drafted AIPs or someone with significant experience of business structures and further has legal drafting skills and is also a member of the Apecoin DAO and who has drafted AIPs. @ApeForLife holds the legal degrees of B.Juris and LL.B (c.Laude) and has more than 20 years experience as an attorney and as such has significant experience in legal drafting and also, inter alia, has experience as a Director of a company and as a Trustee and has experience in setting up business structures and has drafted AIPs.

  4. Duties of CAAW:

CAAW will assist the Ape Assembly and Working Groups to draft the necessary rules and procedures to become functional and operational and provide continuous guidance and assistance to the Ape Assembly and Working Groups for their continued operation and improvement, including the updating of procedures as and when required and further assisting with the drafting of AIP’s. CAAW will be available for meetings for 10 hours a week and an additional 10 hours a week for CAAW to draft documentation, rules, processes or AIPs for the Ape Assembly or Working Groups. As CAAW will be working with several groups in the DAO, the Ape Assembly and relevant Working Groups must schedule at least 2 days in advance with CAAW when they require the attendance of CAAW at any meeting. In the case of overlapping meetings that CAAW is requested to attend, CAAW will decide which meeting it is most prudent to attend, if rescheduling is not possible.

  1. CAAW may by removed from the position of CAAW, at any time, by a successful AIP that passes majority DAO vote, brought by all members of Special Council jointly, if they are not satisfied with the work of CAAW and Special Council can then immediately put the position up for election.


@ApeForLife to act as first CAAW for a term of 24 months at a remuneration of $6000 per month or apecoin equivalent per month, for the term.


This AIP can reasonably be implemented within 2 weeks of the AIP being approved by the DAO.


$6000 per month or Apecoin equivalent per month, for 24 months, as remuneration for @ApeForLife to act as CAAW for the term.


I see that you have another AIP up that is also for another position for $5000 a month. If both go through, you would be paid $10,000 for two positions, for two years.

This is an incredibly long term. Especially because ApeDAO would not be working with an organization but instead with a single person with whom the DAO has no prior experience with (correct me if I’m wrong here).

Also this is technically two AIPs put together. One to create the position, and one to put yourself in the position. I prefer if we just create the position, and then let the DAO vote on candidates in a more democratic way. That way the AIP also has a higher chance of passing.

The abstract is also misleading in both AIPs. On the first skim I thought it was just about creating the positions, but when I properly read it I realized you are installing yourself in both positions. I think you need to make this clear upfront in the abstract since its very relevant.


Thanks Leyota for your comment. I’ll explain why I chose to do it this way. People with expertise are often contracted for a 2 year term. It is in fact unusual to have the short terms with constant elections that the DAO mostly has. It takes up time to draft the AIP’s. I can only draft an AIP like this on the basis that if it is approved there will be a benefit for me and for the DAO, else I cannot spend time on writing proposals. There has to be a mutual benefit. Lets not forget that WGO drafted most of the documentation to get some DAO structures in place and appointed themselves into those positions for doing so. Without that there would have never been an incentive for them to do so. I created these proposals where I saw shortcomings in the DAO and I feel I can assist. It is now for the DAO to decide if they require my assistance, on terms, I believe, that should be both acceptable to me and the DAO. I can add that an attorney’s firm would likely charge the DAO $10000 -$20000 a month as a ‘retainer’ and then they would bill additionally for any meeting they would attend, every page of document they draft and every email they send and receive. Don’t forget the DAO administrators charge the DAO $75000 a month. Its more important in my opinion to get the Ape Assembly and Working Groups functional and cut this massive expense from the DAO. I’ve been in the DAO for some time now having ran in the last Special Council elections, done interviews etc., so I should be sufficiently known to most here by now. Also take note that all the positions in the DAO itself is held by individuals, because only individuals can run in elections of the DAO. I am also already doxxed with the Apecoin Foundation. I am further not the only person that will serve in the position in the future and as such the ‘abstract’ description is also correct. The Specifications must be listed under ‘Specifications’. Also it is essential that the DAO creates a culture of rewarding those who take the initiative in creating proposals to assist the DAO and who are suitably qualified to fill those positions, without that this DAO will surely not move an inch forward. You naturally have to read a whole AIP before you can form an opinion thereof. Thanks


I think this is a great AIP. Though the Ape Foundation already had attorneys to assist, nobody - and I mean nobody aside from the Special Council - know what exactly they do. In fact, you’d never know that they even work for us - the DAO - as we have no direct contact with them, they don’t respond to queries etc.


Admin: Webslinger
Cayman Island Counsel: Walkers Global
US General Counsel: Fenwick & West, LLP

It was the impetus for my creating this AIP idea.

Also, nothing wrong with installing yourself as the curator and benefactor of the AIP. It’s no different from asking for DAO funds to go build a castle.

I also recommend combining both of your AIPs.

ps. I am concerned that you are located in South Africa, thus not legally allowed to practice law in the US


Thank you. Interesting points. You will note the US attorneys’ firm, they are also not allowed to practice and appear in a court in South Africa or the Cayman Islands or to draft and sign summons in those foreign countries. You can however get advice from them on US and International law matters. Similarly I can be requested to draft documents for an organisation that operates globally, naturally they will be drafted in South Africa. Certain legal documents, such as Notarial Deeds, mortgage bonds, summons etc may only be drafted by an attorney in the country. The documents setting up procedures of the DAO are often drafted by persons who are not attorneys. Many of them were drafted with the assistance of Wabaam, who is now on Special Council, a Canadian Attorney. Hopefully I can fill this vacuum, as I believe Wabaam will be busy full time with Special Council matters since elected into that position.


Thanks for the response. All makes sense. Also, I don’t believe that Wabaam being in the SC prevents him from taking part in this exercise if in fact the AIP passes.

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How do you plan to combine this position and the position of the Ombudsman? There may be a conflict of interest


It is indeed possible that circumstances could arise where it would be prudent to recuse myself. I will add another paragraph to the Ombud proposal, that in the event that I have to recuse myself from any matter, that a member of Special Council will act as Ombud in that matter.


I’ll additionally add a paragraph that I can be removed via AIP brought by Special Council, if Special Council is not satisfied with my work as CAAW, that should further satisfy any concern in this regard.


Thank you, I appreciate that! Definitely gives me more confidence that you are openly presenting that as an option.

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I’ve done some updates already, so please check it out again. Thanks.

In the forum there is another post - ‘Improve the Ape price’ - DAO members are inter alia complaining that nothing is getting done in the DAO. I’m adding a link to my comment there, as I think it is quite relevant to this particular AIP as well. Improve the $APE price - #60 by ApeForLife

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Thank you! For interest’s sake, amongst over comments, it is also this comment of yours under the AIP brought by the Governance Stewards to change the AA powers that inspired me to create this AIP -

‘Even if we contend the Gov WG tried to hijack AA or try to destroy, and that’s a big if , what has AA done to organize itself and be more effective? In the current state we have a small number of participants, with lots of ideas being thrown around. To me it seems that no one really has the combination of time and leadership to get AA out of this’

As such I was quite surprised to read your initial comment, I would have expected you to have welcomed it. I am quite well known in the DAO as I ran in the Special Council elections. The DAO in fact encourages people to take initiative and bring proposals to lead things. See the tweet from the DAO - ‘The DAO is here to fund your ambition’ - - In Special Council hour with Yat Siu, he also specifically made the point that you can propose something and lead it yourself and that was specifically for an individual. You must not sit around and wait for the DAO to do it, the DAO doesn’t work like that. The point was made, it is encouraged - that is what the DAO wants. In fact it was further clear from it , that it was what the DAO needed to progress. If no one takes initiative, nothing will happen. So I hope you take this under the ’ correct me if I am wrong’ that you indicated in your first comment. The comments about ‘Abstract’ description and 2 AIP’s in one is thus also totally incorrect, there is no AIP that sets up a position and then another, for what? One AIP sets up a position, not 2. ‘Abstract’ is ‘Abstract’ , your comment seems to make as if I am the only person that will ever serve in this position - that is of course not the case, there are many others that will serve in it in future. The Specifications of who will hold a position must be set out under ‘Specifications’ and it is correctly set out there as it should be. The AIP describes ‘precisely’ what it is and what the specifications of it are. So kindly reconsider to amend your first comment.

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Sorry I should have been more clear in my initial post. I love the title of this AIP, I just had some issues with the details of which I already elaborated on.

You’ve made a few changes to alleviate some of the concerns. The main one still being that you will be only person who will outlast every single position, even special council. It’s probably easier to work with the same lawyer who knows the full history and does a good/decent job than to keep changing them, especially because they are assigned specific duties and aren’t in the business of setting a vision. So I guess I’m ok with that. I also concede to your point about you placing yourself first because you took the time to write everything and set everything up.

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Thank you Leyota. I’m glad you were willing to consider some of my comments, as I did some of yours. The first sentence in your last paragraph of your first comment is especially harsh. The paragraph would have still made the same point without it.

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Hello ser. I think you’d be great for a number of things. The Ombud thing is something I could find agreeable. I’m not sure if the GWG is going to need Counsel assistance, but I do want to chime in and say that your involvement around here is a positive thing and I did like the Ombud one. You should talk to GWG stewards, All City is probably a good contact, and talk to them about what they are working on!

Fact is this the swamp where so many different cultures all intersect. It’s a great thing! Proudly built by apes and mocas and lots of different people coming together for a long time. 4chan reddit culture traders degens financial markets art collectors enthusiasts occult fans international cultures all present here, i could go on and on! I am confident in the GWG Stewards to setup appropriately.

Again, I think that Ombud proposal is great. Talk to GWG and hear their plans b4 forward this though!


Thanks @0xSword, your comments are helpful as always. I’ll hear what All City’s thoughts are. I have to agree that GWG are very competent, more a case of Ape Assembly and other Working Groups - Metaverse, Comms, Treasury (if it is still going to happen on a different AIP) etc, that might need assistance, but who knows, perhaps GWG might appreciate some extra assistance too, even if just now and then. Would definitely be helpful if I can get them on board with the proposal or hear their plans otherwise. Thank you for the valuable input!

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Hi @ApeForLife ,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@ApeForLife has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,


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