AIP-308: Establish an Ombud for the DAO

That’s just the abstract - which, by nature - is to provide an overview of the entire AIP.

Also, I believe the SC would still be involved in the process.

Also, it’s a “4 strikes and you’re out” system.

This is basically similar to procedures that other companies have. They don’t need a committee to take action for stuff like this. It’s usually just one person, maybe two at the most. Do you think that social media companies - or even Reddit - handle stuff like this by committee or voting?

I don’t see this as the problem that you think it is. Take Discourse for example. We have a flag system for each post. If there are too many reported flags, the thread is automatically locked down. This in fact happened yesterday.

I don’t think it makes it worse. Sure there can be tweaks. Heck, I am pretty sure that the Special Council, during their Admin Review process, will have lots of things to look at before sending this for vote. So, that’s why these concerns should be raised so that @ApeForLife can address them, make necessary edits etc.